10 Simple Tricks To Burn Fat Naturally (Without Exercise)

People that are overweight usually want to lose weight, and modern life seems does not allow. It often keeps us from consuming healthy food and do exercising. Also, bad habits, sedentary lifestyle, excessive stress, less or no physical activity, all linked with obesity. Gain weight comes gradually and people often are not aware of. And when they do become aware, it is usually too late as they have gained great number of pounds. We are aware of not having enough time for it, so we have easy ways for losing weight which are more than welcomed. Shortcuts these days are real blessings. For those who want to lose weight without much effort need to continue with reading the text and find out how.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

People love alcohol because it relaxes and they forget about problems. But… alcoholic drinks are rich in calories!  Drinking alcohol too often, leads to huge weight gain.  Especially if combined with other soft drinks and with unhealthy snacks.
Avoid alcohol as much as you can. Results will be visible soon. Not only losing excessive weight but also will detoxify body in this way. We say don’t need to quit drinking for good, only to limit your alcohol intake

Eating After 9 PM must be avoided

Eating after 9 PM helps in gaining extra pounds. You have already consumed enough calories during the day. It comes more due to stress or boredom, not because of hunger and its calorie intake late at night deposits as fat, which cause weight gain.

Drinking Lots of Water

Not only for losing weight, but also, for proper body working and hydrating body, thus improve skin health as well.  Water cleans body from toxins, accelerates metabolism and itlose weight easily. More important is that it will help make a difference between real hunger and hunger that comes out of boredom. Just drink one glass of water to realize if there is really hungry. A lot of times body cannot make difference between dehydration and hunger and drinking water will just help you in reducing appetite. To achieve better results, drink 8 glasses of water, every day.

Take enough sleep

Rest and sleep at least 8 hours because if you don’t sleep enough body starts to react and is under great stress. In this condition hormones are affected and they are linked with feeling of hunger. This means must have proper night sleep in order to keep those hormones balanced, and you won’t have increased apettite.

Interval Training

It is not necessary to go to gym every day, only to have short interval trainings and have pause between intervals. It will boost metabolism which helps in weight loss process. Accelerated metabolism burns calories faster , thus losing weight. If you try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program, body will continue losing weight even after training, and it is quite amazing. Exercise for 15-20 minutes every day in order to lose weight fast.

Drink Coffee

It is recommended simple and plain coffee as its caffeine stimulates release of fatty acids in blood stream and it gives necessary energy to train longer period of time. It also reduces appetite.

Have an Egg for Breakfast

Start the day with extra protein and it will keep you away from unhealthy snacks in the day. Yogurt  or eggs reduce your hunger.

Write Down What You Eat

By writing down what you have consumed in the day you can also lose weight, and experts claim those people who write down lose more weight than those who don’t.

Feel the Sun

Let the sun into room when open curtains in the morning. Sun will fill you up with energy. It is proven that those who get a daily dose of sunshine have a lower body mass index (BMI) according to those that don’t have.

Pack  Snack

Don’t consume unhealthy snacks at work. Take an apple or pack of almonds.




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