10 Ways to Get Protein Without Eating Meat

A lot of people have changed their way of living because of environmental concerns, ethical reasons and their health. The process of eliminating meat from your diet can result in veganism and vegetarianism. These are becoming more and more popular because of the condition of our planet. So as we change our diets, the question is how to get the protein in other ways that we usually get from meat.

When we think about protein, the main sources that pop in our head are meat, fish, or eggs. But we should not stick only to them because you can get protein in an array of other foods. And the best thing is that those foods are meat-free.

10 ways to get protein without eating meat

1. Green peas

1 cup = 7.9 grams

2. Tofu

½ cup = 20 grams

3. Nuts

1 ounce = 5 to 6 grams

4. Chickpeas

½ cup = 7.3 grams

5. Beans

1 cup kidney beans = 13 grams

6. Edamame

1/2 cup, boiled = 8.4 grams

7. Broccoli

1 cup chopped = 8 grams

8. Quinoa

1 cup = 8 grams

9. Chia Seeds

2 tablespoons = 4.7 grams

10. Unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tablespoon = 1 gram

Simple facts about protein you should know:

  • The main thing why we need protein is because it is critical for cell growth and repair. Our body cannot survive without protein. Protein helps up to grow, heal, and carry about nearly every chemical reaction in our body.
  • Men need 56 grams of protein per day
  • Women need 46 grams of protein per day

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