12 Tricks To Get The Best Fruits And Veggies At The Grocery Store

Going to the grocery store sometimes can be really hard. It can be hard especially if you don’t know what you need to buy and which are the best fruits and veggies. This is why we will give you simple and easy tricks that will help you pick out the perfect fruits and veggies.

The list of 12 simple ways will prevent you from biting into something unpleasant and lower the level of food waste you produce.

1. Corn

The important stuff you should look when buying corn is the hairy stuff on the top of the corn. These are called tassels, and you should pick the corns that have brown and sticky tassels rather than the ones with dry and black ones.

2. Peppers

You need to look for the firm bell peppers that have shiny and wrinkle-free skin. This rule can also apply to oranges, red, yellow and green peppers.

3. Eggplant

The perfect eggplant should be relatively heavy and have smooth and shiny skin. You can check the eggplant by pushing it with your thumb and if it bounces than it’s ready to eat.

4. Butternut squash

Nice color, firm, hefty weight, dry stem and matte skin are the important stuff to look at when buying butternut squash.

5. Watermelon

To pick the most tasty and juicy watermelon you should check the color of the field spot and the size. If the spot that is not green looks large, has dark yellow/orange color, than the fruit ripened on the vine.

6. Avocados

When picking avocados the first thing to do is squeeze the fruit. They are a stone fruit and you don’t need them neither too hard nor too soft. Pick the dark colored ones and in the end remove the top and if the color is dark and brown you shouldn’t eat it. It should look all bright and nice to be ready for eating.

7. Cucumbers

Cucumbers should be firm, dark green and wrinkle-free. The color and the texture of the fruit are the most important.

8. Tomatoes

You need to pick the ones that have deep color and sweet, woody smell.

9. Cantaloupe

The two most important factors for buying cantaloupe are weight and smell. They need to be heavy and have sweet smell.

10. Plums

It is the same as with avocados. Plums and peaches are also stone fruits and they shouldn’t be rock hard or mushy. Do the same push test and if there is a little bit of give that that’s your fruit.

11. Pineapple

If the pineapple you are holding at the grocery store has strong and sweet scent than it’s ready to eat. Keep away from the ones that smell like vinegar because they are overripe.

12. Strawberries

If the skin is bruise-free and they smell nice buy them.




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