13 Day Diet That Will Help You Lose Up To 40 Pounds

If you want challenges in your life, than this 13-day diet is perfect for you. It is hard but after these 13 days you can eat normally without putting on weight for 2 years. This diet is also known as The Danish Diet or The Copenhagen Diet.

This is one of the rarest methods to lose weight. It is not like any other diet where you gain the weight back at the end of the fasting period. It will increase your metabolism and you will maintain your weight after the diet is finished.

Keep in mind that it’s nothing wrong if in the first week after the diet you put on a little weight. You may even lose between 15 – 40 pounds if you follow the rules for 13 days.

You just need to keep this diet for strictly 13 days, no more, no less. This is because it’s extremely low caloric diet where your daily intake of calories is approximately 600.

Your body will experience vitamin and mineral deficiencies and tiredness because of this diet. The reason is this diet is unbalanced, lacking in dairy, whole grains and fruits. Another thing that will happen to your body is that will be more prone to illness and feel hungry all the time.

We give you some rules that will help you follow this diet until the end:

  • Eating sweets and chewing gum, drinking beer of vine, or any extra food is off limits in this diet. If you break these rules than the diet will not work at all.
  • Breaking this diet will lead to a pause of 6 months until you can start again.
  • If you follow the diet for 13 days, you can’t repeat it for another two days. This is because of the shake-up to your metabolism.
  • The good thing is you can supplement your beef/salmon/lamb with 250g of chicken breast.
  • Garlic, oregano, pepper but NO SALT can be found in your menu.
  • When you finish with the diet you can continue eating whatever you like, but due to the strict menu before, you will need one or two days to have sensible eating.
  • You need to avoid any intense physical activity because of the low calorie intake.

The 13-day diet menu

If you want the best results you need to follow the entire eating plan for 13 days. Good luck and share your results with friends.13day521




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