38 Low Carb Beers + Flavour Tips and Malt Beverages

Nowadays, more than 90 million Americans enjoy drinking beer! Drinking its proven to be a healthy component of longevity by many doctors, as well as the New England Journal of Medicine. In fact, moderate consumption of alcohol, including beer, has been proven to reduce the effects of high cholesterol, heart disease, some forms of cancer and even impotence. “Moderation is defined by many doctors as 1-2 beers a day. And NO, you cannot save up through the week and catch up on the weekend drinking 10-12 beers in an evening. That is NOT moderation. The average can of beer has over 100 calories. Drinking one beer is equivalent to eating a chocolate chip cookie. Drinking four is equal to eating a Big Mac Hamburger. In order to lose weight, you have to burn off these extra calories as well as the other calories that you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Drinking beer affects any diet.  The body burns alcohol first (before fat). For some people on a low-carb diet drinking beer causes a stall. For others, alcohol jump starts weight loss. So every person on a diet should plan ahead and track its progress.

Beer Flavor Tips

The color and flavor of the low carb beers is light. Because of the lighter taste, it’s important to enhance the beer’s flavor.

  • Always consider to avoid drinking beer from cans. It tastes much better from a glass.
  • Low carb beers should be served  straight from the fridge. You should store glass mugs in the freezer and serve your beer in a frosty, ice-cold glass.
  • To prevent “skunking” you should store your bottles (and cans)  away from the windows and direct sunlight. Exposure to light can skunk a beer in less than one minute.

Low Carb Beers which are Easy to Find

Below is a list with low carb beers that are common and very easy to find. (Serving size: 12 oz)

Domestic Beer

Michelob Ultra –  2.6 carbs

Michelob Ultra Amber –  3.7 carbs

  • Popular with low carbers and has a fuller taste.

Imported Beer

Amstel Light –  5 carbs

  • Good body and flavor, but no watery taste.

Malt Beverages

Mike’s Lite Hard Lemonade –  11 carbs

  • Zesty substitute for a high carb sweet cocktail.
  • Higher carb – leave a few sips.

Here’s a list of 38 low carb beers, including a few malt beverages.

Brewers fine-tune their formulas, ingredients and nutrition ratio. The numbers on this beer list may be slightly different from your state.

This low carb beer list will give you a good idea of carb range. (Serving Size: 1 bottle)

  • Beer Brand – Net Carbs

1 to 3 Carbs

  • Thin Ice – 1
  • Bud Select 55 – 1.9
  • Sleeman Clear –  2
  • Accel –  2.4
  • MGD Light –  2.4
  • Labatt Sterling –  2.5
  • Rhinebecker Extra –  2.5
  • Sleeman Clear –  2.5
  • Aspen Edge –  2.6
  • Michelob Ultra –  2.6
  • Rock Green Light –  2.6
  • I.C. Light –  2.9

3 to 5 Carbs

  • Bud Select –  3.1
  • Miller Lite –  3.2
  • Natural Light –  3.2
  • San Mig –  3.2
  • Milwaukee’s Best Light –  3.5
  • Michelob Ultra Amber –  3.7
  • Beck’s Premier Light –  3.9
  • Coastal Light –  3.9
  • Bud Light Platinum –  4.4
  • Amstel Light –  5
  • Coors Light –  5
  • Corona Light –  5
  • Keystone Light –  5

5 to 12 Carbs

  • Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus –  5.5
  • Michelob Ultra Pom Rasp –  5.5
  • Edison Light –  6.5
  • Bud Light –  6.6
  • Busch Light –  6.7
  • Heineken Light –  6.8
  • La Batt Blue Light –  7.6
  • Sam Adams Light –  7.6
  • Bud Light Lime –  8
  • Sapporo Light –  8.5
  • Michelob Ultra Light Cider – 10
  • Mike’s Lite Lemonade – 11
  • Michelob Light –  11.7

Beer Benefits and Warnings

Health Benefits

  • Low carb beer contains polyphenol power, just like the wine. By many researches, the antioxidant activity of the beer is much higher than the white wine.


  • Be wary of food choices while under the influence of any alcohol.
  • After a few weeks on low carb, you’ll notice your alcohol tolerance is dramatically lower. Drink slowly and eat a healthy high fat meal beforehand.



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