4 Diet Mistakes You Are Making That Only Create More Belly Fat

We all had problems with losing weight at some point in our life. Different diets, different exercises, it seems like we do everything correctly, but still no changes. There is no result; there is no change in your mood, nothing.

This is why we will give you these tips that will help you boost your metabolism and lose weight fast and easily.

1. Late night meals will lead to weight gain

We can all agree that this is one of the biggest myths. But, as true as it seems our body does not store more fat at night than any other time of the day. The main reason why we gain weight is the food we consume, not the time when we consume it.

According to a research it was proven that eating at night does not lead to more weight. This research was made on two groups. The first group ate their largest meal at breakfast and the other group ate the same meal after 8 pm. The second group lost 10 percent more body fat and lost 11 percent more weight than the other group that had the meal at breakfast.

The only thing that makes the meal problematic late night are the calories.

2. Small meals throughout the day will boost metabolism

Every person on this planet should now that the speed of the metabolism does not depend on the number of meals during the day. So this saying is really false. We all have and we all can deal with different meal frequency regimen.

If you make a plan to eat on a few hours you will only prevent overeating. But, with this plan you can’t lose weight fast or accelerate your metabolism.

3. Extreme, low-calorie diets help you lose weight fast

The resting metabolic rate will decrease if you consume fewer calories than your body needs and that will slow down the losing weight process. According to some researches, diets that are lower than 1200 calories can lead to the biggest decrease in your RMR (Resting Metabolism Rate). This is why you should avoid these diets.

4. All calories are not created equal

From all of these tips, this one is true. Our body has the ability to process different types of food on different ways. We burn 20 to 30 percent of all consumed proteins, 6 percent of all the carb, and 3 percent of all the fat calories in the digestion process.

Our main focus should be on proteins because they are burned the quickest and we don’t even need exercise for this processing.

We can say that this process is also known as the Thermal Effect of Food (TEF). For example, if you consume 1000 calories of chicken and 1000 calories of ice-cream, you will gain weight with consuming ice-cream because only 3 percent of the fat from the ice-cream will burn in the digestion process that is compared to the 20 to 30 percent of the protein in chicken.


http://theheartysoul.com/ Article Written By Obi Obadike


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