4 Exercises to Help You Lose Your Love Handles

Many people despise the fact that they’re having love handles. Nobody thinks that having layers of fat stuck on your waist is attractive. If you try to combine your eating habits with some healthy cardio, it can definitely help you.

Love handles

These are mostly located right on the obliques. They are muscles which aren’t a part of your abs, so regular abs workout won’t have an effect on them.

Here, we’re presenting you some of the items that can help you get rid of your love handles as well as 4 exercises:

  • Olympic bar
  • Yoga mat
  • Exercise ball
  • Dumbbell
  • BOSU ball
Straddle forward bend rotated and modified

Hold a block in your left hand. Then, turn to the right while you’re keeping your feet apart. Bend your waist. Then, place the block on the ground between your feet. Bring your right arm up and inhale.

After this, turn your chest to the right in the same line as your hips. Then, turn your head towards your right arm, and rotate your spine. Switch sides after this.

Olympic bar full contact twists

Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart. Hold the Olympic bar in front of your chest. Support the other end of the bar between two weights or you can also do it against a wall. Press the bar down and swing from side to side. Keep ѕour arms extended. Мake sure your chest follow the rotation motion.

 BOSU ball kneeling ab crunch

Put the BOSU ball in front of you. Bring your knees at top of the ball. Support your body on your hands. Extend the right leg behind you. Do the same with the opposite arm. Make sure your body is in a straight line. Your right knee and your left elbow should “kiss” each other. Repeat.

Exercise ball Russian twists with dumbbell

Lie on an exercise ball with your knees bent. Keep your feet flat on the ground. Hold the dumbbell with your both hands. Then, swing your arms from one side to another. Make sure your arms are extended all the time.




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