4 Signs Your Body Sends When You Eat Too Much Salt

When the force of the blood against the arteries and other blood vessels is too high, in our organism occurs dangerous medical condition known as hypertension (high blood pressure). Consuming a huge amount of salt is one of the main reasons that cause hypertension. Sodium damage your health, it has great number of negative effects on the whole organism.

Here is a list of signs your body sends you when you consume too much salt.


People that consume 3500 mg. of sodium per day are more prone to headaches, according to one study . Headaches may affect you even in cases of normal blood pressure but are closely related to high blood pressure. If you’re often have headache eliminate consuming salt from your diet and you will see the results.


If your mouth is dry all of the time and you fell thirsty is another sign that you consume too much salt. Dehydration of tissues and water imbalance in the body are result of excess  sodium in the body.

Frequent urination

Sign caused of too much salt  is in your body is urge to urinate ,same like when you drink big amount of water. The kidneys work harder while trying to remove the excess soudium and you have frequent trip to the bathroom.

Brain fog

Brain fog is condition caused when we consume too much sodium that affect our ability to think and also dehydrate our body.

We recommend you drinking more water  in order to eliminate the excess sodium from your body that will keep the sodium levels in check and the body will be in balance. 2300 mg is daily allowance of sodium that you shpuld be stick to it in order to avoid numerous problems.




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