4 Tips For Clearing Up Adult Acne !

Your family medical history can have a huge impact on your chances of being plagued with adult acne, but it’s not the only contributing factor. Losing or gaining weight can throw off your levels of hormones, like cortisol and androgen, triggering pimples. When one hormone increases or decreases, other hormone levels will also change, leading to increased oil production. Acne and blemishes as an adult can be even more frustrating and confidence zapping than when you were a teenager. You should not have to deal with the red pimples when you are in your late 20’s and early 30’s, but many men and women of this age group do.

Acne is not something that is reserved for just teens anymore. As an adult, you need to try new and inventive methods for getting rid of your adult acne. Getting rid of your skin blemishes once and for all requires a few tips and tricks on your side.

Here are the best alternative ways to get rid of adult acne:

1. Try Low Dose Antibiotics

Sometimes you need to be a bit more drastic with your acne ridding methods as an adult. Over the counter creams and gels won’t help you to zap adult acne. It might be time to finally ask your dermatologist about low dose antibiotics and how they can help fight off your adult acne. It used to be thought that antibiotics cause acne, but now it has been discovered that low dose antibiotics can actually treat adult acne. For example, a low dose of Doxycycline can actually act as an anti-inflammatory within the body and lessen the appearance of adult acne breakouts.

2. Take the Pill

For women dealing with the red pimples, hormonal imbalances are often the biggest contributing factor. Taking the pill can help you balance out your hormones and can get rid of them that is very prevalent around your jawline. There are even some patients dealing with the red pimples that can benefit from decreasing the testosterone levels within their body.

3. Make Better Food Decisions

What you eat plays a vital role in the appearance of your skin. If you want to get rid of your skin inflammation fast, you need to start by making healthier food choices. Oil is the root cause of acne and the food that you eat could be the cause of your oil production. Try cutting back on processed foods and those foods with high amounts of sugar.

4. Give a Chemical Peel a Try

If you are getting desperate to get rid of them, you might want to try a chemical peel. This might not sound like an enjoyable process, but it can help to get rid of the dead skin cells and bacteria that are trapped in your pores which could be a significant source of your acne problems.


Sweat doesn`t cause skin inflammation. Working out is actually good for your skin. Exercise boosts your circulation, which can calm skin inflammation. It`s recommended to remove all makeup before exercising and, if you’re prone to body acne, wear cotton rather than lycra or nylon, which can trap blemish-triggering moisture.

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