5 Herbal Remedies For Muscular Cramps

Muscular cramps can literally stop you on your track. Whether you are exercising, running or playing a game of basketball sudden muscle cramps can bring you down. You will need immediate medical attention for resolving the severe pain. Muscular cramps are common, and almost everybody at sometime or the other has experienced muscular cramps.

Mostly muscular cramps occur during exercise or taking part in sports activities. However, regular sportspersons are not so prone to cramps. It is the weekend sport enthusiasts who suffer the most. You can have a cramp in the calf muscle of your leg or a pulled muscle in the thigh. Whatever it is, the pain is so severe that it makes you stop all activity and seek pain resolution. You are not able to move an inch.

However, it is not only the sports persons who have muscular cramps. Even a housewife doing household chores can have muscular cramps. It can happen with any activity that interferes with the co-ordination between different muscles which is essential for movement. If you are severely dehydrated you can even have muscular cramps even while sleeping.

If you have just a few episodes of muscular cramp it can be treated with ice and some anti-inflammatory sprays and medicines. You should also have plenty of fluids if you are prone to cramps. However, if you are prone to such cramps you should take it more seriously. There are herbs that can address chronic muscle cramps which owe their origin to some inherent deficiency or weakness of the muscular system. Let us explore some herbal remedies for muscular cramps.

Here are five of the best herbal remedies for muscular cramps


Celery seeds are anti-inflammatory in nature. These can fight the inflammation in the muscles that results from cramps. It has been established by scientific studies that this herb is also antispasmodic for muscles and calming for the nerves. Celery seeds are available in the pharmacy counters.

Bring a bottle of this and prepare tea by soaking one teaspoon of finely ground celery seeds in a cup of steaming hot water. Soak the seeds for at least 10 to 15 minutes. After that strain and drink the liquid. Take this thrice a day. You will be able to keep muscular cramps at bay.


Though this herb is mostly used as a wound healer when applied topically, its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties make it a good remedy for muscular cramps.

Moreover, due to its inherent properties it can be used successfully for treating swelling and pain that is almost associated with muscular cramps. You can rinse the affected area with a solution of goldenrod herb.


This is another antispasmodic herb that has been used to treat muscle cramps for centuries. Scientific studies have shown that this herb has some analgesic property as well, which helps in alleviating the excruciating pain that is associated with muscular cramps. Rosemary oil can be directly applied over the affected muscle region. You will get quite a relief from muscular cramp pain.


It is a plant that is found along roadsides. It is anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic in nature. Due to these properties yarrow can be used effectively to treat muscle cramps and associated pain and inflammation. It is available in various forms such as extract, capsule, tincture or in dried form. Apply the tincture externally on the cramped and swollen area. This will bring down the inflammation as well as the pain.

Black Cohosh

The antispasmodic property of this herb is so strong that you can get immediate relief from the pain of muscular cramps. This property acts very well against nerves and blood vessels too. Over and above this the herb is anti-inflammatory in nature due to presence of salicylic acid.

Other constituents also make it a good anesthetic. Due to all these properties this herb is regularly used against muscular cramps. Apply black cohosh tincture on the affected areas regularly. Muscular cramps may become a forgotten history for you.

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