5 Infused Water Recipes To Help You Feel Better

One of my favorite weight loss topics to talk about is infused water! Studies have shown that drinking water naturally boosts your metabolism, and drinking fruit infused water for weight loss can be an easy way to increase your water intake. These simple detox water recipes are inexpensive, have almost zero calories, and taste great too.

Also called detox water, fruit flavored water, or fruit infused water; infused water can generally be any combination of fruits, vegetables, and herbs immersed in cold water. While infused water has the benefit of being full of flavor, it also has no calories, making it a very powerful tool in your efforts to lose weight and gain better health!

What Are The Benefits of Infused Water?

Besides tasting great and having zero calories, a water detox has many additional health benefits, including:

  • Improves your mood.
  • Flushes toxins from your system.
  • Fills you up so you don’t eat as much junk.
  • Naturally helps your body release fat cells for water weight loss.
  • Keeps food moving through your system.
  • Keeps your organs healthy while you’re sweating.
  • Reduces muscle fatigue while working out.
  • Helps you recuperate faster from a workout.
  • Keeps you from feeling groggy in the afternoon.

Drinking water to lose weight and be healthier is one of the easiest habits you can have, especially when you can make so many types of infused water recipes to choose from.

Here are five water recipes of infused water that you should try:

1. Berry, Peach & Coconut 

Drink for: A sweet treat

Infused water can replace juice and soda in your diet. Mix and match fruit — like a berries, peach and coconut combo — for a sweet alternative.

Also try: cherry and lime

2. Lemon, Cucumber & Mint

Drink for: A detox

This recipe is a classic and a spa favorite. The lemon flushes out toxins, the cucumber battles water retention and the mint serves as a diuretic.

Also try: rosemary and strawberry

3. Cinnamon & Apple

Both cinnamon and apple increase your metabolism, helping you burn calories. Choose a sweet apple such as Fuji or honey crisp.

Drink for: A faster metabolism

Also try: pineapple, grapefruit, and apple

4. Orange & Ginger

Drink for: An Immunity Boost

Packed with Vitamin C, oranges are a natural immune booster. Ginger helps fight off diseases, too. It’s an antioxidant that’s filled with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory agents.

Also try: pineapple and ginger

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