6 Best Reasons To Eat Kiwi Daily

Kiwi is a well-known and adored fruit. It’s very small, but it’s actually an extremely nutritious vitamin bomb. Here are some of the benefits for eating kiwis more often:

  1. Nice skin

Kiwis are abundant in vitamin C and it is a vitamin which makes our skin collagen better. This vitamin also gives you numerous antioxidants that can help you against sun damage and pollution. It will also improve your wrinkles and they will be smoother. Your skin will be completely improved.

  1. Eye health

Kiwis contain lutein which is a phytochemical that is very important for our eye health. It can stop age blindness. Eyes are also safer against free radical damage. Our body cannot make lutein all the time naturally, so try to intake more kiwis into your everyday diet!

  1. Lower hypertension

Kiwis are abundant in potassium that has the ability to negate the excess of salt inside. Low potassium is very risky for hypertension, just like sodium. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, less than 2% of the people in US need 4,700 mg potassium a day. High potassium levels are also linked to 20% less risk of death causes.

  1. Healthy heart

Kiwis contain fiber and potassium which are excellent for good heart health. If you take more of them and reduce the intake of sodium, you’ll be able to decrease the risk of heart issues. High potassium intake is also linked to decreased stroke risk, keeping bone minerals dense against kidney stones and less muscle mass losing.

  1. Prevention to constipation

There are some studies which claim that kiwi can act like a mild laxative. Doctors use it as a supplementation for people who have constipation problems. Intake at least one kiwi a day and you’ll have regular bowel movement.

  1. Asthma protection

According to various studies, eating kiwis is excellent for numerous respiratory issues from asthma to wheezing. According to a Thorax study, more than 18.000 children ages 6-7 who consumed citrus and kiwis (5 times per week) were proved to have 44% less chances of wheezing, compared to other children who ate kiwi only once in a week. The results were stunning: serious wheezing was reduced for 41%, short breaths by 32%, runny nose for 28%, night coughs for 27% and chronic coughs by 25%! When this study began, children who had asthma got the most benefits from the frequent use of kiwis.



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