6 Diseases Your Lack of Sleep Could Be Causing

Our sleep is of the extreme importance for our overall health – mentally and physically. That is how body recharges after long and stressful day. While sleeping millions processes continue to happen in body, and it helps  brain to store important data in memory. The cells work to repair damaged tissue and regenerate it.

When we have lack of sleep, these functions fail to be done on time, so we wake up cranky and have difficulties to concentrate in the entire day. The more important is that we experience numerous side effects that can significantly endanger health.

Sleep deprivation can cause serious and even life-threatening conditions, heart diseases or diabetes, and even can lead to cancer. Here are 6 diseases which come by lack of sleep:

1.Cardiovascular Disease

Heart problems and lack of sleep is suggested numerous times before of being closely linked. Strong correlation has been found in a recent study presented at EuroHeartCare. In period of 14 years, team of researchers followed 657 Russian men of 25 and 64 y age. It was found that 2/3 of the individuals that experienced a heart attack, had a sleep disorder.

Those who complained of sleep disorders also had 1/5 to 4 times greater stroke risk, and 2.6 times higher myocardial infarction risk

2.Ulcerative colitis

Sleep deprivation and excess sleep lead to ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease that is manifested with ulcers in lining of the digestive tract.

Massachusetts General Hospital findings show that adequate amount of sleep has vital importance in order to curb inflammation responses in digestive system which causes these diseases often.

Researchers have  studied women enrolled in Nurses’ Health Study 1976 and NHS II 1989. It was discovered that risks of ulcerative colitis were raised as the sleep per night was reduced to 6 hours or less.

Also, they found 9 hours of sleep raised risks. This means proper amount of sleep prevent of these diseases.

3.Obesity and Diabetes

Many studies and scientists pointed out relation between poor sleep and diabetes. Also poor sleep potentially leads to obesity and causes diabetes.

Effects of poor sleep on accumulation of fatty acids was examined, as fhis acid levels in blood affect speed of ability of insulin to regulate blood sugar. Researchers discovered increased fatty acid levels led to increased degree of insulin resistance- it indicates pre-diabetes.


Lack of sleep can cause Alzheimer’s disease and affects speed of its progression.

Study was based on previous research – sleep is of higher importance for brain to eliminate the “cerebral waste,” and also the buildup which accumulate and lead to dementia.

5.Prostate Cancer

Journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, published study that showed that patients with sleep issues have increased incidence and severe prostate cancer.

This link has also been attributed to melanin- sleep-regulating hormone.

Higher melatonin levels suppress tumor growth.People exposed to too much artificial light were found to have more aggressive tumor growth.


The relation between increased incidences of suicide in adults and their poor sleep, was shown in the studies from 2014 regardless of previous depression history.

Study that lasted 10 years involved 420 participants range in middle to late adulthood.

20 participants suffered from poor sleep, committed suicide, and that led scientists find that people who consistently had difficulties with sleeping were 1.4 times more likely prone  to commit suicide.

The most susceptible were white males, 85 years or older. So, scientists attributed increased suicide rate to poor sleep and it is linked to health issues, and that stress increased with age.




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