6 Exercises To Reduce Inner Thigh Fat

Your inner thighs are magnets for fat. With right exercises, you can eliminate this extra padding. We have below 6 exercises for this, but remember, they do not target fat in a specific area. In opposite, you must burn fat on your entire body.

You need to avoid food with high level of refined sugar. Use food with low calorie and nutrient dense food. Eat – green, whole grains and leafy vegetables. Use lean proteins as beans, egg whites, and cottage cheese.

Not everybody likes to go to the gym. But, you need to do some exercises at your home. You must strength the thigh muscles with squats, skater hops, side lunges, squat and kick, inner leg lifts, outer leg lifts leg circles, fire hydrants, and fire hydrant kicks.

Combine these exercises at least 15 minutes a day.

  1. Suspended Stability Lunge:

– This exercise targets core, strengthens thighs, increases flexibility in hips and teaches you of a different way of using of TRX equipment. With this exercise you strengthen your leg muscles.suspendedlunge

How to do it:

1) Stand on a weight bench or TRX straps behind you.

2) Elevate one leg behind you, lift it to thigh height.

3) Place the foot of lifted leg on the bench or in the TRX strap,

4) Lower your body weight into a lunge position. Maintain your balance as lower and lift.

5) Repeat this 7-10 times with right leg. Then, do the same exercise with the left leg. You can use 5-10 pound dumb bells.

  1. Scissor Leg Plank:

– The basis of building a strong core is plank exercises and with them you reduce thighs, but how?

With this plank variation the target is the inner thighs along the arms, core, chest and glutes.scissorlegplank43

How to do it:

1) Start in classic plank position and place each foot on small folded towels.

2) Side the feet apart and keep upper body fixed and open legs as wide as possible.

3) Squeeze the inner thighs slowly to slide the legs back together.

4) Do 15 times in two sets.

  1. Cossack squat:

– This squat variation is best exercise for inner things because it provides a unique training stimulus and that helps to shape the glutes.cossacksquat423

How to do It:

1) Stand with feet and place the feet wider than the shoulder. Just keep your arms relax at the sides.

2) Squat deep down to the left, turn the right toes up and flex the right food.

3) Straight out the arms.

4) Stand in the initial position and perform the same on the opposite side.

5) Repeat 12 times.

  1. Side Shuffle Switch

– This is fast-paced moving, which gets your heart up.  Also, recruits the inner-thigh muscles.sideshuffleswitche4321

How to do it:

1)  Stand with feet and put arms by sides.

2) With quick step move in right, left and right.

3) Right arm swings in forward.

4) Reverse in the same way- left, right, and left. Then land with your right knee. Swing your right arm forward.

5) Repeat it 20 times.

  1. Low Lunge with Isometric Addition

– This contraction activates inner-thigh muscles and engages all body, which is much more effective than in a gym.


How to do it:

1). Stand with your feet and put your arms by your sides.

2) Step forward with right food and go lower as deep as you can.

3) Put hands on the floor inside the right foot.

4) Press your right knee from outside with your right shoulder.

5) Stay in squeeze position till 10 counts.

6) Push off the floor with right leg and then return to standing.

7) Repeat with left leg. Do three sets.

  1. Pivoting Curtsy Lunge

-This exercise hits all places, because it is cross-over lunge and helps to incorporate leg muscles.pivotingcurtsylunge423

How to do it:

1) Step one foot behind you.

2) Now, bend both knees

3) Lean your torso forward by 30 degrees.

4) Straight up to 180 degrees and put the other foot in front.

5) Repeat the step

6) Do this 10 times every set and 3 sets every side.

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