7-Day ALDI Clean Eating Meal Plan (Kid-Friendly)

Kids adapt slowly to a clean eating lifestyle and the key lays in gradually exposure to new tastes and flavors. Here is clean eating menu plan and if kids aren’t up to totally clean diet yet, just don’t give up, because it takes time and persistence and great role modeling. Products and ingredients are from ALDI or use spices and basic pantry ingredients that you have at home already. Make sure you read the recipes completely before creating own grocery list.

Day first: Monday

Day second: Tuesday

  • Breakfast:  Honey Toasted Oats Cereal in milk
  • Snack:  Trail- Mix and fruit
  • Lunch: Whole grain spaghetti and marinara sauce
  • Snack: Blueberrie covered yoghurt
  • Dinner:  Crock pot rotisserie chicken and mashed potatoes with peas

Day Third: Wednesday

Day Forth: Thursday

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs in wraps whole grain
  • Snack:  Fruit
  • Lunch: Leftover
  • Snack:   Greek Yogurt Cookie Dough
  • Dinner:  Chicken Tenders

Day Fifth: Friday

Day Sixth: Saturday

Day Seventh: Sunday

  • Breakfast: Simply Nature Oats Cereal Honey Toasted with milk
  • Snack:  Homemade hummus and whole grain crackers
  • Lunch:  Leftovers
  • Snack:   Shake- Raspberry Protein
  • Dinner:  Copycat Chipotle Steak Burrito Bowls

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