8 Facts About Farting And Why You Should Embrace It

For some people this topic is a taboo. They think that this is some embarrassing thing to do. But this is a natural thing and we all do it. It is time to stop thinking about this thing as a taboo topic or something embarrassing.

Farting can indicate that you have a healthy digestive system. So you should be happy if you do this from time to time. According to researches, people fart from 5 to 10 times on a daily basis.

Some foods can even make us fart more, and those are carbohydrates that are complex like wheat, beans, oats and sweet potatoes. On the other hand, foods that have a lot of nutritional value can contribute to a stronger odor.

But, it doesn’t matter if you fart too much on a daily basis or with a stronger odor. Just read the reasons bellow why it is good to fart and you will never feel ashamed again.

8 facts why farting is good

1. It feels good

When we are at home we feel comfortable. And when we feel comfortable we can fart and even feel god about it. It can somehow make you relieved. But sometimes when we are not home we usually hold that need and that makes us snappy and irritable.

It will bring you no good to your health if you hold the need to fart. So when you are out in public, just excuse yourself to the bathroom and feel free to do it. You will feel good after that.

2. Reduces bloating

We all have periods when we feel and look bloated. This can be caused by a build-up gas in the gut.

Water retention is not always the reason why we feel bloated. The need to fart can also make us feel like that. So next time you feel the discomfort and feel like you will explode, take a second and let that fart out.

3. Diagnose food allergies

Some food allergies can lead to severe flatulence. This can usually happen with Coeliac Disease and lactose intolerance.

So start paying attention to your body after you consume some food. You should also consult your doctor when some food causes you a significant increase in farting.

You can even make very simple tests that will help you understand which foods you should avoid.

4. Help balance your diet

Every person on this planet has a different way of handling food. This is because we all have a different and one of a kind gut. And sometimes based on your farts, you can learn which food you have over-consumed.

For example, if your farts have vigorous and unpleasant odor this can be a result of overeating red meat.

If your farts have neutral smell but they are in large amounts, this can be a result of complex carbohydrates.

Sometimes you can use your farts to act as an indicator in case of imbalance or balance when making some changes in your diet.

5. Holding it can be bad for your colon

We have all been in a situation where we need to fart but we actually try to stop it or control the way the gas comes out.

This can be really bad for our colon because withholding our gas can aggravate hemorrhoids especially if you try to control the gas.

6. Farts tell us about your health

As we said before, farts can be indicators of our health. We just need to pay more attention.

Some of the questions you should as is do your farts have a strong odor, do you feel any pain and where, are your farts frequent?

By experiencing flatulence, this can mean that you have an early sign of different health issues and you should consult your doctor.

7. It can relieve abdominal pain

It is not embarrassing as it is inappropriate to fart in every occasion. Because of this you should always excuse yourself and to the bathroom when you have the need.

Sometimes having a significant amount of gas in your gut can lead to intestinal distension that can cause pain.

But when we cannot excuse ourselves and have the need, we can relieve the pain by massaging our stomach to move the gas through the system.

8. Inhaling farts is good for your

According to a study when our body is exposed to hydrogen sulfide gas, which is produced in the gut during digestion, can help us prevent mitochondrial damage to the cells.

It may sound strange but this can also prevent arthritis, strokes and heart disease.

Sometimes if you have too much gas and you know it is not caused by some health issues, you can do things to lower the amount.

This may include reducing the intake of dairy products and exercise. Or just eating slower and avoid artificial sweeteners and even carbonated drinks. Just start paying more attention to your diet.

Remember that farts are healthy and are sign that you have healthy digestive system.







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