8 Food Combinations That Will Help You Lose Weight (and 6 You Should Avoid)

If you combine foods, you’ll have tastier dishes, but you’ll also manage to lose weight in a healthy way! According to several studies, the combination of some foods is also beneficial to improve your digestion, help you become more slender and give you more energy.

Here, we’re going to present you 8 food combinations that will help you shed the extra pounds faster and also keep you healthy as well as 6 combinations that you should avoid.

  1. Vegetables + hard-boiled egg

Studies managed to prove that eggs are very helpful in the absorption of carotenoids or the pigments that give color to vegetables. Carotenoids can help your process of weight gain but also protect you from vision loss and cancer as well as to nourish your skin. The best way is to add some hard-boiled or poached eggs into your vegetable salad!

  1. Tuna + ginger

Ginger is especially helpful in the speeding up of gastric emptying, but it also blocks the enzymes that promote inflammation. Tuna is full of a type of Omega-3 that is good for the prevention of the storage of fat in the abdominal area. This combination is the perfect one for weight loss!

  1. Spinach + avocado oil

Avocado oil helps you improve the cholesterol levels and contains vitamins B and E and potassium. Spinach increases satiety and is very low in calories. Both of the ingredients are excellent to stop you from eating!

  1. Corn + legumes

A particular study managed to prove that if you eat legumes once a week it will contribute to your process of weight loss more than if you intake the same amount of calories but without legumes. Adding corn increases the slimming effect. It is abundant in sturdy starch which makes the body unable to absorb most of its calories as well as glucose.

  1. Melon + red grapes

Melon serves as a natural diuretic because it helps in the prevention of fluid retention. Grapes contain an antioxidant that helps reduce fat accumulation. This is the ideal combination against swelling.

  1. Chicken + cayenne pepper

Chicken is rich in proteins, so it helps you stay satiated for a longer period of time. It also makes you ingest fewer calories in the meals you take after. Cayenne pepper suppresses appetite and accelerates the burning of fats.

  1. Potatoes + pepper

One study proved that potatoes are actually more satiating than whole grains. They are also rich in potassium. Eat them boiled or roasted if you want to lose weight and without any dressing or butter. Season them with some pepper because it is helpful in the prevention of the formation of new fat cells.

  1. Coffee + cinnamon

Cinnamon is abundant in some powerful antioxidants that reduce the belly fat. Coffee decreases your appetite. Start your day with a cup of delicious cinnamon coffee if you want to lose weight!

And now, here are the food combinations that you should try to avoid:
  • Proteins and starches, such as chicken and pasta.
  • Proteins and carbohydrates, for example in hamburgers.
  • Fruits with other types of food, such as strawberries with ice cream.
  • Two different types of proteins, such as bacon and eggs.
  • Sugar and fats, like ice cream or bakery products.
  • Starches and sugar, such as potatoes and ketchup.




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