8 Simple Exercises to Reduce Waist Fat

Besides being aesthetic problem and not able to wear favorite pants, waist fat is connected with numerous health issues. Having good type of diet it is crucial to stay active.  Here are some exercises to do at home.

Big role in reducing waist fat has your diet, but it makes just limited success.

To be one of the healthiest, with flat stomach, small waist and glowing complexion, you need both, eat right and exercise.


Start with lying down on the back and pull your feet towards torso, and keep them together, but lift the knees of the floor. Place both hands on the right tight, keeping the shoulder blades slightly off the floor, crunch the abs, pull hands up the right tight, until they reach the knees. Slowly lower back at the starting position. Now do it on your left side.1

  1. Corkscrew

Lay on the back with relaxed shoulder and arms resting besides your body, with palm down. Now, extend legs upwards until they come vertically above hips in angle of 90 degree and point the toes toward ceiling.

Slowly lift hips, and legs above head, parallel to body and floor. Now, rotate torso to the right allowing legs move to right side of head. Then get back the legs to the angle 45 with the mat. Repeat on the left side for two minutes.2

  1. Bicycle

Lay on the back with your shoulders, pelvis and hips. Let hands be placed behind head, as for a crunch. Engage abs and let knees up around 45 degrees, slowly pedal with your feet as riding a bicycle, bringing elbow up to meet.3

  1. Plank – up – side

Lay with the legs stacked and rolled up towel between tights, propping your torso on the left elbow. Stagger the feet to side of right foot is on the floor and left foot as for a wider support. Lift your hips and the body will form straight line from head to toes. Hold 1 count then lower. Repeat 10 times, switching sides, then make 3 sets.4

  1. Burpess

These are maybe the best body conditioning exercises, as they virtually work every muscle in body. Do it with HIIT – high intensity interval training.5

  1. Swiss ball rolls outs

Many variations of Swiss ball roll out exist, but basic are with hands on the ball (elbows).

Holding plank position, slightly roll forward and hold this position 3 sec, then roll back to the start. These back and forth moves are core exercise.6

  1. Vertical leg crunch

This is similar to doing leg crunch, except, here legs are straight up forcing abs to work and intense the routine. Lay on the floor with your legs up, knees crossed, and place the hands beneath the head as support. Contract the abs by lifting shoulder off the floor, keeping legs fixed in crunch position. Make 3 sets with 16 repetitions.7

  1. Jumping a rope

Rope jumping is a beast cardio workout. 10 minutes of this burns calories as 30 min jogging. Start with 30 -60 second jumping and 30 sec rest between.  Make 3-4 round 4-5 minutes each and 1 minute rest between.8

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