8 surprising uses for Vodka

We were all addicted to vodka at some point of our lives. It is really famous Russian drink that is considered as a hard alcohol that makes us feel good. But, besides drinking this liquid for fun or pleasure, not many of us know that vodka has other abilities.

Here are 8 surprising uses for vodka that you can try do them at home. They are easy and really helpful, and we know that you have a cheap bottle of vodka home any time.

1. Foot deodorizer

You can easily solve the problem with stinky feet. Just make yourself a natural deodorant with mixing vodka with water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and clean your smelly shoes.

2. Deodorize laundry

You can use vodka to wash your clothes from the smoky bar you’ve been last night. Just spritz them with vodka and put them in a well-ventilated area to lose their smoky smell.

3. Treat poison ivy

If you get a nasty rash from poison ivy you can clean it with vodka. Just pour the vodka directly onto the skin to clean away the poison oils.

4. Cool a jelly fish sting

Sometimes swimming in the ocean can come with some serious risks. For example you can use vodka to cool a jelly fish sting. Pour the vodka onto the sting and it will disinfect the area and quell the pain.

5. Insect repellent

You need to start saying no to all the store-bought insect repellents and make your own. Make a mixture of vodka, fresh basil, lavender, or another smelling herbs and oils to get the desired smell and counter the harsh one. Use this natural repellent and enjoy the smell.

6. Keep flowers fresher longer

Finally there is a solution to keep our favorite bouquet fresh for longer period. Just mix a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar into the water of your flower vase. Remember to change this water every day.

7. Soothe aching muscles

If drinking after your workout makes you sick you can use vodka as a solution. You can soothe your aching muscles with a bag full of water and vodka frozen to a slushy-like consistency.

8. Remove upholstery stains

Some years-old spots can be really annoying. But now you can remove them with vodka. Use a clean cloth dipped in vodka to rub the stain you want to remove.


http://remedydaily.com/ Article written by Roxanne Goldberg

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