A Baking Soda Mixture To Heal Cracked And Dry Feet

Since the summer is around the corner, you need to do something about the cracked and dry feet. Not only they look ugly, but they can lead to pain and infection in rare cases. Dry air, lack of moisture, workout routines, tight shoes, improper foot care, unhealthy diet, long-standing, aging, and many more are just some of the reason that may actually make this happen.

To get rid of these cracked and dry feet you can start visiting a spa or nail salon once in two weeks, to achieve the perfect smooth look. But, these treatments can cost you a fortune.

You can also spend a lot of money on some creams and scrubs from the beauty salon and to do the process home. Not only they can be expensive, but they can also be not as effective as you want them to be.

We all know that nature has a solution for everything, so why don’t we find the best natural solution for cracked and dry feet.

Baking soda can be of great help; below you will see how to prepare the mixture that will get rid of this condition. Essential oils will revive your feet and will moisturize the skin. They can even prevent it from further bacteria that could attack you.

Follow the recipe and enjoy your smooth feet for the summer.

Here is the baking soda mixture:


  • 4-5 liters of water
  • 2 tbsp. of baking soda
  • Epsom salt
  • Lavender Oil
  • Moisturizer
  • Soft scrub sponge


  • Get a bucked and pour the water and baking soda in it.
  • Mix them well and let the baking soda dissolve
  • After that add drops of lavender oil
  • Keep your feet soaked in this mixture for 20 minutes
  • When the time has passed, run the underside using a soft scrub sponge
  • In the end coat the feet with your favorite glycerin moisturizer
  • Then put on socks to seal your mixture

You should repeat this process for a few times in a week. We hope it will help you.





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