We all know that nowadays women pay more attention to their looks than men. They start using strict diets along with exercises just to get the flat stomach that they’ve always wanted. So, in this article, we’ve decided to present you an interesting workout that is going to help you have a flat stomach very fast combined with an excellent diet and cardio exercises every week! Take a look!


This part includes our workout plan that should be done in 8 weeks. Along with the balanced diet and cardio exercises you’ll be able to form the flat abdomen that you’ve always wanted while at the same time you’re losing all the excess of fat from the very same area!

Workout Frequency

The workout we’ve prepared for you should be done 2-3 times a week and it’s preferable that you do it after your resistance training sessions. You can do it, for example, when you’re not training or along with your cardio workouts.


The cardio workouts should be performed every week and every session should last 20 to 30 minutes. The choice of cardio exercises is yours. You can choose from sprinting to walking or from swimming to biking. The most important thing you should do is to enjoy your workout. If you don’t like your workout session or think it’s too hard on you, you may miss sessions. You can do anything as long as you’re burning calories. Everyone should know that most of the work is done by the diet, so actually the flat stomach you desire so much is actually done in the kitchen.

We suggest you to do your cardio workouts on the days when you’re not training, immediately after you get up. You can also do them after your resistance training sessions.

Maximizing Your Diet Plan

You should all know that starving is not the way you need to look fit. You should eat food properly and eat the right type of food if you want to acquire a perfect body and a healthy organism. People tend to eat less food without all the proteins and healthy fats that are necessary for a healthy weight, but they only become skinny and still don’t have a flat stomach even after trying numerous diets.

In this part, we’re suggesting you how to maximize your diet plan and you’ll acquire the most perfect body that you’ve always wanted:

Calories – The ideal amount of calories you need to lose fat are 1800 calories a day. Losing 1.5 to 2 pounds of fat a week would be the most ideal thing. Be careful, because in case you start losing weight more quickly than this, you’ll also start losing muscle mass and you’ll end up having a skinny, but also flabby body. Try not to lose weight too quickly and you won’t have any problems at all!

There are some people who don’t lose weight at this calorie level. If you belong in that group, you should try dropping your calorie intake down to 1650 for no less than 2 weeks. Then, you should start noticing progress.

Protein – Protein is very important because it helps you retain, repair and build muscle tissue. You should try to eat at least 100 grams of protein a day. This micronutrient is essential, although there are many women who underestimate how much protein they take in during one day. Pay attention to it!

In case you’re one of the people who find it difficult to reach at least 100 grams of protein a day, try using some supplements like for example IsoFuel.

Helpful dieting tips – A healthy diet doesn’t only consider of calories and protein. Here are some suggestions that should help you maximize your eating plan:

Healthy Fats –20% of your calories should come from healthy fats. This type of fats is really important for people to have a proper hormone function, brain function, fat loss etc.

Carbohydrates – You must avoid the so called “white poisons”! These include: white sugar and white flour. Make sure you pay attention and choose nutritious carbohydrate sources which are also much healthier and include: rice, quinoa, veggies, fruits andoatmeal.

Abs Workout

Weeks 1-4

Exercise                                                                          Sets       Reps or Time

  • Hanging Knee Raise                                                 2-3          10-20
  • Cable Crunch                                                             2-3           15-25
  • Plank                                                                           2-3           30-60 Seconds
  • Dumbbell Side Bands                                              2-3           10-20weeks1-4432


Abs Workout

Weeks 5-8

Exercise                                                                          Sets       Reps or Time

  • Plank Feet On Bench                                                3-4          60 Seconds
  • Weighted Sit Up (with dumbbell on chest)          3-4          20-30
  • Wood Chop (Reps are per side)                              3-4          10-20
  • Twisting Bench Crunch (Reps are per side)         3-4          20-30weeks5-83123



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