An American Diet: You Can Lose Up to 1 kilogram of Fat Daily

You will stimulate the cleansing of the organism from the piled fats if you exclude carbohydrates from your nutrition. This diet is not include specially meals; neither do you have to measure the food that you consume. What is very important is you will not feel hungry at all!

Famous  “American diet” mean exclusion of carbohydrates from the nutrition that help in the removal of fats present in the organism. The organism will free itself from the fats when you less carbohydrates intake.

Monday is the day when the diet begins. You will lose around 5 kilograms during the first six day -each next day, you will weigh a kilogram less. You can lose up to 20 kilograms in 24 days!

You automatically stop the process of melting fats and you will prevent the proper functioning of the diet, if during the diet you have even one bite of bread or any other food that contains carbohydrates. You will have to start over because you will not achieve the desired results .

Until you achieve the desired weight the diet can last as much as you want. Consult your doctor before you start with the diet. It is recommended to take supplements such as vitamin C and D, calcium, magnesium and zinc during the diet. in order to avoid the possibility of vitamin and mineral deficiency in the organism,.

Allowed foods:

All types of  meat: Beef, lamb, chicken, veal etc. prepared in all ways. You can consume boiled, , barbecue, sausages, and lunch meats ,roasted and dried meat, but not hot dogs.

All fish meat: canned fish, sea and freshwater fish

Salad types: tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh or sour cabbage ,lettuce, egg salad, fresh or baked peppers, , beetroot, seafood salad, onion, spinach, radish… Prepare them with oil, vinegar, salt and ground pepper.

Vegetables: Cabbage, Asparagus, Artichoke, Tomatoes, Carrots, Broccoli, Spinach, Celery, Leek, Cauliflower, Turnip, Chard, etc.

Drinks: Black coffee mineral water, drinking water, and all tea types without sugar. You can drink lemonade without sugar after the sixth day.

Forbidden foods:

-Rice, pasta, hot dogs, breaded meat, peanuts, bread, potatoes, flour, common beans, lentil and pea,


-Milk, milk or fruit yogurts or puddings, margarine, butter, sour or sweet cream, yogurt, kefir, no whipped cream, sugar, chocolate,cookies, candies or cakes, different sweet or salty snacks, ice cream, cheeses.

There is a permitted intake of milk products (with lesser carbohydrates) in some variants of this diet in small amounts, like a little bit of cheese or half a liter of yogurt daily. Consume nuts, one handful daily.

Starting in Monday to Saturday all carbohydrates are eliminated from the organism and in Sunday you can eat carbohydrates for breakfast and lunch. Again in Monday, you start over. For 6 days you follow the list of foods and the seventh day you can consume carbohydrates such as potato, rice,  pasta, etc. but no sweets. Take honey or integral biscuits if you feel cravings for sweets. The next day continue the diet without carbohydrates.

This type of nutrition will maintain the muscles. This diet promises minimum weight loss is 10 kilograms per month. Consult your doctor before you begin with diet.


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