Ancient Medicine: Apply Pressure to the Right Finger in Order to Get Rid of Stomach Ache, Fear, Insomnia, Headache…

We’ve all heard about ancient Japanese alternative medicine. Some say it works some say it doesn’t. But according to Jin Shin Jyutsu using the pressure on a certain finger can help you get rid of various pains, insomnia or other problems.

If you are curious about this, here are the meanings of applying pressure on each finger and start experimenting.

  1. Thumb

The thumb is connected with the abdominal area. So if you are having stomach pain or any kind of pain in that area, just apply pressure to your thumb and you will be able to get rid of it. Also, this method can be helpful for reducing depression, anxiety, nervousness and sorrow.

  1. Index finger

The easiest way to get rid of fatigue, cramps, digestive system related problems, and even back pain is through index finger. Simply apply pressure to the index finger and it will help you with any previous problems and also any kind of kidney or bladder related problems.

  1. Middle finger

Feeling insecure and stressed? No problem, you can overcome this by pressing your middle finger and holding it for a few seconds. This can help you also if you are dealing with problems with your nerves or liver. It can even improve your cardiovascular health: headache, menstrual pains and vision problems.

  1. Ring finger

Applying pressure to this finger can help you overcome stress and breathing problems. This finger is helpful when it comes to improving lungs and digestive tract related problems.

  1. Little finger

Little finger or as you can see a little miracle. Apply pressure to this little finger and you will easily get rid of heart problems, panic attacks, bloating, bone related problems, throat pain, anxiety and even loneliness.


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