Ancient Way of Preparing Ginger – It Can Help Prevent Cancer, Treat Arthritis and Lower Cholesterol

All around the world people enjoy all kinds of fermented beneficial foods, from sauerkraut and kimchi to kombucha. These foods have been through process of lacto fermentation. In this process, natural bacteria feed on sugar and starch found in the food and also produces lactic acid. This is process that preserves foods and leads to the formation of various probiotics with beneficial enzymes, and vitamin B. They bring beneficial bacteria into digestive system, which maintain balance of bowel health.

Due to above mentioned, digestive enzymes have better function in absorbing food. Also, probiotics support production of antibodies, as well as they strengthen immune system by preventing of various illness and diseases.

Ginger – plays a roll of a common ingredient in fermented foods because of its beneficial properties, and they are : effective sooth of inflammation, treating various diseases, fighting cancer. Gingerol, its main bioactive compound, has powerful anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant effects. Ginger also treats various ailments- nausea, high blood sugar levels, lowers heart diseases risk. Ginger also lowers LDL levels.

Fermented ginger


– Peeled and sliced Ginger root (the size depends on jar available)
-1 tbspoon of Sea salt
-1 tbspoon of Turmeric
– lemon juice

Instructions to make:

Put the ginger in water and soak for 15 minutes. Then, scrape off the skin using a spoon. For small jar use root about size of  hand. After that, add lemon juice. Just make sure it covers ginger completely. Then, add the turmeric along with sea salt and wait until it completely dissolves. Pour this mix all over the ginger and close the jar up air tight. Leave it to ferment 2 weeks at room temperature. Don’t cook them if you want to enjoy the benefits of the lacto fermentation. It is good just to serve them on side of a dish.

Ginger Bug

Ingredients needed

-2 tblspoons grated ginger root
-2 tblspoons sugar
-half of cup filtered water
-A1/4 or 1/2 gallon-size jar

Instructions to make

Add sugar in the water( should be at room temperature) and let it dissolve easily. Then, add all of ingredients and cover with a cloth, but secure with rubber band.

Just keep adding all ingredients listed above every 24 hours and carefully, do not remove anything. You may stir occasionally to make sure that it is aerated. After certain time there are bubbles to notice. Be aware and check often to make sure that nothing grows inside container. Within a week period, ginger bug gets ready. Now, you can add it to a glass of water consuming it as a stomach remedy.


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