Apple Cider Vinegar Isn’t A Fad, It’s A Weight Loss Weapon Against Stubborn Belly Fat

Losing weight isn’t a simple process – it takes a lot of dedication and hard work in order to burn extra fat. Sadly, there’s no shortcut to it as well. All the miraculous pills, diets and supplements rarely work, and most of them aren’t even safe for consumption. This is why it’s best to lose weight the old-fashioned way – eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

Besides diet and exercise, there are other factors important for weight loss, including proper sleep, avoidance of stress and proper hydration.

There’s also one ingredient that can help you achieve your goals – apple cider vinegar. Here are the main reasons why you should include it in your diet:

  1. Improves your blood sugar levels

The higher your blood sugar levels are, the more you will crave sweet things. The body is supplied with energy by low-sugar and complex carb meals as they need longer to turn to glucose. This is the ideal scenario, but sugar is present in so many meals and snacks that it’s hard to keep your blood sugar levels in check. The oscillations in these levels can result in frequent cravings for sweet food and may lead to diabetes. Luckily, apple cider vinegar can control your blood sugar levels as it has powerful anti-glycemic properties.

  1. Provides a feeling of satiety

According to a 2005 study, subjects given white bread soaked in ACV felt less hungry that those who consumed plain bread, which means that consuming ACV before your meals can help you eat less afterwards.

  1. Detoxifies the body

Apple cider vinegar eliminates toxins from the body and prevents their accumulation in the tissues by controlling your bowel movements. Once your body is free of toxins, it will start running properly soon.

  1. Reduces your waist size and abdominal fat

A study conducted in 2009 showed that obese people who consume 15-30 ml. of ACV in 500 ml. of water every day for a year have lower percentage of body fat and smaller waist size. Those who got 15 ml. of ACV lost 1.2 kg., while those who took 30 ml. lost 1.7 kg.

  1. Prevents fat deposits

Another study showed that the acetic acid in ACV can lower the total cholesterol levels as well as your triglycerides. Apple cider vinegar prevents lipogenesis and stimulates the excretion of bile acid, which results in improved digestion and metabolism and more efficient fat burn.

  1. Affects the insulin receptors

Insulin directly affects the digestion of dietary fat and how the fat is stored within the body. In cases of high insulin levels, the lipases are active, but if they’re low, the lipases are inactive, which leads to fatty acids being converted to fat molecules.

In cases of insulin resistance, consuming ACV managed to reduce the postprandial glycemia, and it also improved the postprandial insulin sensitivity by 34%. This shows that ACV can regulate your insulin levels and reduce insulin sensitivity.

If you want to use ACV for weight loss, make sure that you’re using raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Start by adding one tablespoon of the liquid in a glass of water, then gradually increase the dose to 2 tablespoons 2-3 times a day. For best results, drink apple cider vinegar in the morning before your breakfast. Besides drinking it, you can use the liquid as a salad dressing or as a flavoring for your meals. Whatever you pick, make sure that you’re never using ACV undiluted as it may damage your teeth, throat and stomach lining.


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