Banting Diet – 7 Day Banting Meal Plan


This diet we’re about to present you today is extremely special if you want to lose weight! You don’t have to restrict your portion sizes! You can eat until you’re satisfied as long as you stick to eating food that’s only approved by Banting.

There is one disadvantage, however. You run out of exciting low-carb recipes and meal options, so you become susceptible to falling off the wagon and gaining weight very quickly.

Here, we’re also presenting you the 7 Day Banting Meal Plan!

The meals of this Banting diet plan are extremely healthy & nutritious, but they’re also gluten free to help will promote gut health & combat autoimmune diseases.

The diet is very similar to Paleo diet which is essentially a LCHF diet (low-carb, high fat) and also a strictly gluten-free diet!

Other difference is that the Banting diet does not exclude dairy at all and the Paleo diet does not allow any form of diary.

  1. Monday

Breakfast – 2 poached eggs with a few rashers of bacon & tomato

Lunch – A large salad with your favorite protein (chicken, steak, etc.) and some cottage cheese

Snack – Apple slices with almond butter

Dinner – Slow cooker pulled pork along with some fresh veggies such as spinach & pumpkin; if you still feel hungry, finish with a small tub of full cream Greek yoghurt.

  1. Tuesday

Breakfast – A portion of fruit followed by bacon & eggs

Lunch – Blanched/sauteed vegetables (pre-made and reheated)

Snack – A can of tuna

Dinner –Grass fed steak with some green leafy vegetables, cauliflower & broccoli

  1. Wednesday

Breakfast – Coconut milk smoothie or banana pancakes, but if you prefer, you can also have eggs and bacon

Lunch – Soup (reheated or in a thermos)

Snack – Greek yogurt

Dinner – Roast chicken with some Greek salad

  1. Thursday

Breakfast – Mixed berries and nuts with coconut milk along with a bowl of Greek yogurt

Lunch – Instead of bread wrap take BLT wrap with lettuce

Snack – Hard boiled eggs

Dinner – Grilled fish with pumpkinand spinach

  1. Friday

Breakfast – Steak and eggs

Lunch – Cold cut meats and veggies

Snack – Avocado, to restore your energy

Dinner – Grilled chicken breasts with some fresh vegetables

  1. Saturday

Breakfast – Eggs and sweet potato hash browns

Lunch – Sandwich with bell pepper slices instead of bread

Snack – Biltong (Jerky) & almonds (not too many if you’re looking to lose weight)

Dinner – Sun dried tomato bacon wrapped meatloaf

  1. Sunday

Breakfast – Veggie/ egg/meat scramble

Lunch – Dinner leftovers

Snack – Blueberries and almonds

Dinner – Beef (or chicken) and vegetable stir fry in olive oil; you must never use any other type of oil!

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