Bloated Belly? Here is How to Get Rid of It!

You can’t stand looking yourself in the mirror while your belly simply looks like an inflated balloon, and the seller in the boutique suggests you clothes for pregnant women! I’m not pregnant. But that is not what your belly tells, at least that is what it looks like. Another problem is the one with gases, this is something that anyone finds disturbing. Bloating is not unusual, there are some specific foods that cause bloating, still, you should do something about it, especially when it makes your belly huge!

These are the main causes of bloated belly:

– Insufficient water consumption

Dehydration is one of the major causes of various health issues. Coffee and alcohol consumption could worsen the problem also. Whats your daily intake of water? If it`s under 6-8 glasses, you better start consuming water more often.

– Constipation

You should know that if you usually experience constipation, then you should enrich your diet with foods that are rich in fibre. Bear in mind, you should gradually start enriching your diet with these foods.

On the other hand, you should substitute white bread with whole grain bread and also consume more berries as well as smoothies.

– Eating too fast

Also if you eat very fast, and don’t chew the food completely, your stomach will be not able to digest it quickly, so this could cause a bloated belly. Therefore, it is recommended to take small bites, and always chew them well.

– Chronic stress

Also, one of the main reasons of bloating is stress. In other words, often when you are so nervous, it can disrupt the function of your digestive system. Moreover, the best option to get rid of the unpleasant bloating is to eliminate the negative emotions.

– Carbohydrates

 Also one of the causes of a bloated belly are the carbohydrates. Remove the sugar and alcohol from your diet, and enrich it with more fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also consume low-carb foods.


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