Castor Oil and Baking Soda Can Treat More Than 24 Health Problems

We can guarantee that you never thought of using castor oil and baking soda together. But if you start using it you will be amazed by all the health benefits they can give you.

If you ask the older generations, they will tell you that the old folk remedies are the best. They are used for centuries and their use has come to perfection. And according to the history, this old remedy, this mixture of castor oil and baking soda can treat more than 24 health problems.

Even the holistic medicine recommends to use castor oil for the treatment of many diseases.

According to the sayings of Dr. William A. McGarey, the success in treating diseases with castor oil are many and they are written bellow:

#1 Allergies

Any kind of allergy can disappear if you drink five drops of castor oil every morning.

#2 Wounds, cuts and bruises

We all know that treating these problems can be really painful, but with castor oil they will be healing quickly.

#3 Stretch marks

If you are worried about the stretch marks that may appear after your pregnancy, castor oil will help you with this too. Start massaging the stomach with castor oil the last two months of pregnancy.

#4 Strain ankle

Wrap a coating this oil on your strained ankle and leave it to work overnight.

#5 Improve hearing

You can improve your hearing with just a few drops of the oil in your ear.

#6 Cataracts

Dropping one drop of castor oil every night before sleeping can cure cataracts.

#7 Pilonidal cyst

With application of castor oil you will eliminate pilonidal cyst.

#8 Dark spots

When having dark spots on your face, just make a mixture of baking soda and castor oil to remove them.

#9 Eye allergies

Alleviate eye allergies by rubbing the oil on the eyelid before sleeping.

#10 Lower back pain

Put coatings soaked in castor oil on you painful area at least once a week.

#11 Chronic diarrhea

Apply coatings of the oil on your stomach and the pain will be gone.

#12 Vocal cords nodules and chronic hoarseness

With daily application of coating of this oil on the neck for over 3 months can remove this problems.

#13 Tinnitus

Completely eliminate tinnitus with oral consumption of 6-8 drops of castor oil over a period of 4 months.

#14 Hyperactivity

Hyperactivity can be treated with coatings of this oil in the abdomen.

#15 Warts

Warts will disappear by rubbing this oil over a period of 4 weeks.

#16 Calcium deposits

Calcium deposits can disappear by daily applying castor oil.

#17 Skin cancer

The mixture of this oil and baking soda helps in the treatment of skin cancer.

#18 Snoring

If you start applying coatings if this oil on the stomach, the snoring will be gone after 2 weeks.

#19 Bee stings

Treat bee stings by applying this oil, the swelling will be gone very quickly.

#20 Hair growth

Hair growth can be encouraged by daily massaging the scalp with castor oil for 20 minutes before shampooing.

#21 Hepatitis

Castor T oil can be used in treating hepatitis.

#22 Fungal infection

Fungal infection on the feet can be eliminated with daily use of castor oil coatings.

#23 Alcoholism and nicotine addiction

Consuming few drops and castor oil a day can treat this problems.

#24 Moles

Remove moles by rubbing castor oil on them for a period of3-4 weeks.

How to prepare a castor oil coating?

The best way that you can use this oil is as coatings, because of the strong action on the circulation.

All the things you need, you can find them home. You will need a cold pressed castor oil, clean gauze, plastic foil, bottle with warm water and a towel. Before and after use of the coating, you should clean the skin with a solution of baking soda.

First soak the gauze in a heated oil. Then put it on the affected place, cover it with foil and then place the hot water bottle, wrap it with a towel and then leave it to work for at least an hour. Remember that you need to lay down, and be relaxed when using this coating. The coating can be used for a period of 40 days. Before each use, add enough of this oil.

Also, don’t forget to heat the coating before using it. And be careful if the oil has changer color or smell, replace it immediately.


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