Clean The Ovary Cysts With The Best Recipes!

This is one of the most common problems in a woman’s life. The ovary cysts are a sacks full of fluid and look like a pockets full inside the ovaries in a woman. As we said, it is really common, and every women or almost every will experience this in her life and even with one cysts. According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC pre-menopause women get this problem always, and almost 14.8% get this after the menopause. But, don’t worry, this cysts are not dangerous and mostly of them are not counted as diseases.

This type of problems almost appear with no special reason. But the pathological cysts can sometimes be very dangerous and they may even be the reason of developing cancer. Because we all think they are not harmful, we don’t pay much attention to them. But the ones that are dangerous can cause abdomen bloated feeling, pain in bowel needs, menstrual problems with the cycle, pelvis pain around period dates, sex pain issues, lower back pain, bladder pressure, vomiting and even nausea. And some of them may even lead to infertility.

Mostly, these disappear on their own in few months, but sometimes meds are required or other cures. We will give you a few natural methods that will decrease the size of your cysts. These are the best advices and recipes. And remember that you have to consult your doctor first before trying them.

#1 Heat

If you have belly cramps near the ovaries, then heat is perfect for relieving the pain. Get a heat pad, or a bottle with warm water and place it right on the belly to the pelvis. Hold it for 15 minutes and repeat as much as you want.

#2 Castor oil packs

Castor oil has been used for many years as a recipe cure for cysts. This will cleanse you from toxins and excess unneeded materials, and it will make lymph system better and it will dissolve the cysts.

First you need to get a cloth that is bigger and make it 3 layers thick. You should make it enough bit in order to cover your whole abdomen. Then put some castor oil drops and fold it, then unfold it. Next step is to lay down, put a towel under your and the cloth in castor oil on your belly. Then cover the cloth with plastic foil and towel over it. After that put a bottle with hot water over the towel and get blanket over you for cover. It is perfect to do this 3 times per week for 90 days.

To take out the excess oil of the skin, wash that area with 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 4 cups water. But NEVER use this pack during period. Or if you need to conceive, do not use this AFTER ovulating.

#3 Epsom bath

This bath lessens pains and other signs of cysts along. There is a lot of magnesium sulfate in this salt so it relaxes muscles and cramps. In the tub, put 1 cup Epsom salt and warm water. Add 10 drops essential oil (lavender, jasmine or rose). Mix in so the salt is melted and soak the half of the body with cramps for half an hour. Repeat daily.

#4 Chamomile tea

You may already know, but chamomile tea has a mild sedation effect and it’s used to calm you and make you relaxed. It is great to be used for this issue and it will make your periods more regular. Your blood flow will be improved in the uterus and pelvis too. All you need to do is mix 2 tablespoons of dry chamomile in hot water and let it steep for 5 minutes. Then strain it, add honey and drink the tea. You will need to drink 3 cups per day.

#5 Apple Cider Vinegar

This vinegar shrinks the cysts due to their potassium deficit. Also ACV has a lot of potassium and many experts approve it. Add one spoon ACV in warm water glass. Add 1 tablespoon of black molasses. Have 2 glasses per day and do it until they disappear. This also helps in too much bleeding during periods and bloating with cramps.

#6 Beetroot

This is one miraculous veggie that will help you improve the liver work and detox too. It is alkaline and this means that it balances with acidity. You need to mix ½ cup fresh beet extract juice with 1 tablespoon aloe gel and black molasses. Drink it daily before breakfast.


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