Cleanse Your Colon To Prevent Fluid Retention And Lose Weight With This Miracle Juice

The function of the colon is to get rid of food left over after the nutrients are removed from it, other waste and bacteria. The process is called peristalsis and it can take around 36 hours. When the waste is passing through the colon, liquid and salt are removed first. Billions of bacteria coat the colon, living in a healthy balance with the body.

There is no miracle recipe which will restore the functions of the colon, the only method which will promote its smooth operation is a healthy diet.

Every time you are stressed out, feeling pain in the colon, it`s time to make a balanced diet for stress. The foods are not a secret, you should only consume fiber-rich foods, fruits, vegetables, and drink adequate amounts of water. These foods contain all the powerful nutrients which will help in order to shrink the colon. Supplements, such as omega-3 and curcumin can also reduce chronic inflammation.

In this article we will present you a homemade juice which will ease digestion and balance nutrients in your body.

Ingredients needed:

  • 100 ml of water.
  • 1 orange juice.
  • 2 pineapple slices.
  • ½ skinless cucumber.
  • ¼ glass of aloe vera, no yellow substances.

Method of preparation:

First, wash all the ingredients, remove the skin and chop.

Take a leaf of aloe vera, drain the yellow substance that flows when you cut the stalk directly from the plant, remove the stalk and wash. Take a spoonful of stalk pulp.

Place the ingredients chopped in a blender and blend them for 2 minutes. When ready, take a sifter and serve them in a glass. You can also put some ice and sweeten the juice with honey.


For the best benefits, you should consume this drink after lunch or before sleeping, but never on empty stomach because your body expends a lot of energy when your colon is inflamed.


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