Cold Water VS Warm/Hot Water: One Of Them Is Damaging To Your Health

Some people have a habit to start their day with hot coffee, other with a glass of cold water. But, besides these, you can start your day with a better drink.

According to studies starting your day with water is the best morning tip, but here the temperature matters. It was proven that warm water can be really beneficial for your, and the cold water can actually be bad.

This is why we give you a few reasons why you should start drinking your water warm:

  1. Better Bowel Movements –Warm water can help the bowels relax because it aids digestion. According to a study from the Journal of Neurogastroenterology after drinking warm water there is about 58% improvement in bowel function and digestion in our body.
  2. Circulation – With drinking warm water our cardiac system doesn’t have to work hard because the water enhances the blood flow.
  3. Pain Relief – Warm water can relax your stomach and throat muscles. But that is not all it can alleviate pain that occurs due to loosened muscles.
  4. Weight loss – To succeed with your weight loss you should always be hydrated. A study made by the Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine proved that participants who drank warm water during their weight loss program loss more weight than the ones with regular cold water.

We said before that cold water can be bad for our body. This is because our body has to warm up the cold water in order to use it, and that has consequences.

These are the bad effects cold water gives to our body:

  • Cold water can make blood vessels constrict, meaning that the process of how well they absorb and hydrate is lowered.
  • Our body starts to create excess mucus and this causes congested lungs, and makes you more susceptible to infection and respiratory disease.
  • Because of cold water, fats are harder to digest.


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