Combine Aloe Vera With These To Whiten Skin Fast

Smooth and beautiful skin is hard to maintain. People are now becoming more conscious about skin health, much more than ever. It seems that commercial products don’t work as expected in advertisements and also ones that have harmful side-effects.

Today’s article is dedicated to show natural remedy that works far more efficiently than those expensive commercial products. That natural remedy involves famous plant Aloe Vera which is widely known for its moisturizing effects on skin and treats various skin issues. This is all due to being rich in antioxidants. That also makes it the best and most famous natural skin lighteners.

How to Properly Use Aloe Vera

1.Aloe Vera with Sugar

Sugar scrubs are very  common cosmetic in beauty stores. These scrubs exfoliate old dark skin and reveal smooth and glowing skin underneath the old. Still they often contain chemicals that may cause other skin issues very soon after use. This is a good news-you can make  own sugar scrub by just mixing 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel and brown sugar, then to apply on affected area .

2.Aloe Vera with Milk

Mix the gel with some milk cream and then applied on skin. You will notice incredible results right away.

3.Aloe Vera with Honey

Honey and milk mixed together with Aloe Vera hydrate skin and lighten it. Mix equal amount of ingredients, apply on your face and then leave it  20 minutes before rinsing your face.

4.Aloe Vera with Papaya

Papaya as very popular among skin whitening products due to ts exfoliating properties many cosmetic product contain it, but as well known they contain many harmful chemicals that cause other skin complications. Mix the gel with papaya and apply that on the spot as a mask, leave it for half an hour before rinsing, and see that you will be amazed by results.

Skin health and beauty doesn’t always wait on the shelves in stores, and you don’t have to waste tons of money for beauty because nature always does it better way!


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