Do You Know Why You’re Gaining Weight in Critical Areas of Your Body? What’s Your Body Trying to Tell You?

All people are different ,someone gain weight around their stomach, some on their thighs. The type of fat tells lot about you, your dietary habits and health.

What your body is trying to tell you with fat on these areas, here is a list:

Abdominal fat

Gaining fat in the abdominal area is usually caused by stress, according to a study conducted at the Yale University.Bacterial imbalance is the second most common cause of abdominal fat, according to scientists.

Solve the problem

The key for losing abdominal fat is to stay physically active every day. Start burning the fat with slow walk or jog every day or try some Pilates and yoga exercises. Important thing is to adjust your diet – you should avoid consuming pasta, candy, white bread, citrus fruit, and alcohol. Consume more protein from fish, chicken, green vegetables and fiber-rich foods such as olives , potatoes and beets that will  slow down the absorption of sugars and will regulate digestion.

Fat on the calves

If you have fat accumulation on the calves , it is related to insomnia.

Solve the problem

At least 3 hours before going to bed do not consume carbs and sugars. Avoid drinking fluids before going to bed as well. Eat more nuts, yogurt, beef, and eggs to restore the levels of vitamin  B in your body to avoid deficiency.

Back fat

Slowed carbohydrates digestion cause this type of fat.

Solve the problem

Don’t include white bread and opt for whole grain bread in your diet. Eat whole grains that go well with yogurt.

Arm fat

Toxins in the body cause excess fat on your upper arms.

According to one American study, people with a high amount of bisphenol-A (BPA) in their bodies have a tendency of accumulating fat in their arms. At least 3 days avoid plastic water bottles  that will reduce the amount of BPA in your body by 77%!

Solve the problem

To reduce the fat on your arms try doing push-ups and do -explanatory – avoid using plastic bottles, dishes and cups

Fat on the face

Water retention is result of fat accumulation on your cheeks . Alcohol can cause water retention in the face.

Solve the problem

Couple of times a day massage the critical zones in circular motion and reduce the consummation of alcohol.

Fat on the thighs

Genetics is responsible for fat on the thighs, but on the other side, people with this problem are less prone to heart disease.

Solve the problem

Do exercise! Regularly do squats and jumping jacks that will increase your muscle tone and burn the fat on your thighs. Aerobic exercises are useful as they will increase your heart rate and help your body burn fat more efficiently.


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