Effective Way to Get Rid of White Abdomen Fat

There are fat cells are all around body, and they are mostly concentrated around belly. If white fat accumulate in same place longer time, loose flab is created, stretched skin, and of course thus destroys body figure. More important is that it elevates the risk of heart disease.

Newest research found the waist volume determines health, its risks, and even life length. Women and men differently deposit their body fat. Women usually accumulate fat in butt and thighs. Men accumulate fat in the abdomen.

People with body fat should start a weight loss program with healthy and balanced diet and physical exercises.

Most effective way to burn fat is combination of a healthy and restricted diet and exercise.

Abdominal exercises strengthen and tone belly muscles but do not stimulate fatty tissue between muscles and skin. Here is an extremely effective way to target this issue.

Following drink and exercises also are extremely effective in melting belly fat. This drink should be consumed every morning, on an empty stomach, and in evening, before bed time.

It provides great effects and melts accumulated fat and its consumption prevents of accumulation new fat.

To get best results prepare it at night.

Cup of boiling water with added half a teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon covered and left for 30 minutes. Then add honey and stir well. Take half before going to bed. Leave the rest in fridge for the morning and drink it as soon as you wake up.

There is no need to drink it during day because it acts only if consumed in the morning and in the evening. Also you may add ginger to accelerate fat melting process. This has powerful antifungal, anti-parasite and antiviral properties, cleanses the body also and speeds up metabolism, thus gets rid of the fatty deposits.

Besides it a cardio exercise are suggested to get even better effects. First make sure to be focused on high-intensity cardio, for burning more calories. Start slowly, and gradually increase intensity of exercise. Should be aim for 30-60 minutes workout at least 3 times in a week.

The most effective cardio exercises to burn belly fat:

One Leg Jackknife Crunch:

Start from a prone position, legs and arms should be up over body, crunching the hips and shoulders towards each other. Only use one leg at a time.

Frog Leg Crunch:

Keep the soles together and feet off the ground. Crunch the shoulders up off the ground. Stretch the arms down between the legs while raising legs and hips up towards shoulder area.

Alternating Side Plank Toe Touch Kick:

Roll from doing a side plank on left to a side plank on right. Then change back and forth with each repetition.

Seated Torso Circles:

Sit back, and draw over tail bone.

Double Bird Dog Pull:

Start with knees and hands on ground. Now, raise the left hand and right foot parallel to ground.Pull the leg and arm in under body crunching belly muscles and stretching back out before you release the arm and leg drop. After just switch sides.




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