Eliminate Foot Pain within Minutes with These 6 Beneficial Stretches!

All our bones are like connected dots. They are connected to one another and if we pull one, the structure will be damaged. If there is pain in one part of the body, automatically it is spread in all other parts of the body that are near the painful area. So if we say it like that, the foot pain is actually caused by pain in the leg.

A lot of things can cause foot pain, those can be heel spurs, corns, bunions, athlete’s foot, arthritis, ingrown nails and overlapping toes. If you have experienced any of these problems you already know that they cause a discomfort and are really annoying if you are a person that is always on the go.

According to the Chinese reflexology, which is over 1000 years old, the feet are the origin of our body’s health. And just because of this, if you do a research you will find a lot of different detox baths for your feet which are founded on the truth that the feet are the ideal place for toxins elimination.

If your feet make you suffer, and you are ready to feel better again, just try any of these powerful natural alternatives that will take not more than 5 minutes.

#1 The toe raise

Stand on your feet and raise your toes in order your pinky toe and big toe to be at the same height. You should repeat this 5 times with both feet.

#2 Toe lifts

Stand steel as in the previous exercise, then lower only the big toe and your other toes should remain up. If you are not able to press it down, then press the pinky toe. Also repeat this process 5 times.

#3 Toes and fingers

Find a chair and sit down with the legs in the front and your toes pointed up. Next, bend forward and pull the toes backward with your fingers. If you are not able to do this with your both feet simultaneously, do it one at a time.

#4 Tennis ball rub

This is something like a massage for your feet. Place the tennis ball on the floor, step on it and start rolling it under your feet and pressing it slightly. The next step Is to tilt your foot so that the does are pointing towards the knee and extend your toes so that they are pointing downwards.

#5 Rock out

You should stand up and move the weight of your body to the outside of the foot lifting the weight off the inside.Move inward whilst your weight is on the outside. Do 10 repetitions with each foot.

#6 Ankle stretch

To do this exercise you will need a stretchy exercise ball and a chair or a table. First you need to hook the stretchy ball around the chair and then hook your foot through it so that it can rest on the band. After you’ve taken the position you should apply some pressure on your toes so they can be looking towards the floor and then stretch. You need to repeat this 15 times in order to be effective.

Additional tips:

If you look at these tips, you will see that they will be really useful for restoring balance, strength and health of your legs.

  • Wear comfortable shoes: The first thing you should think of when you buy shoes is how comfortable they are. It is really important that the shoes you wear to be in accordance with the width of your foot and your foot should be allowed to breathe. So the perfect material for your shoes should be mesh or leather. Furthermore, the shoes you wear need to have proper arch support. Wearing flip-flops is not the perfect option for you.
  • Soak your feet in Epsom salts: As we said before, your feet need detoxification, and these salts are perfect for that. Another great thing about the salts is that they promote magnesium intake.
  • Do yoga: Yoga is excellent for resting the foot and restoring the body balance.
  • Walk barefoot outdoors: This process is also called earthing, and it’s an activity that will bring various health benefits for your feet.
  • Consult a specialist: And in the end if the pain you have is unbearable you should really consult your doctor.



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