Here is a Japanese Secret For Youthful Look After 50

For many years people try to solve the mystery for a youthful look. They buy more expensive and ineffective things, but – nothing! This is one exceptional Japanese recipe. It is buzzing that has an effect in just a week after usage! Let’s see what that is.

Many Japanese women are famous for their beauty and mystery look. That is all due to some theirs mystery ingredient. What kind of ingredient is that? That is simply…RICE!

The rice contains squalene and linoleic acid which are great antioxidants, fight free radical damage, promote more collagen and reduce wrinkles.

The squalene is a main ingredient in the rice. It keeps skin shielded from the sunshine.

The rice also contains gamma oryzanol which lessens the bad cholesterol and keeps the heart healthy. It is reached with vitamin E.

You must know that these rice benefits are proven by science, and basically, with rice, you can make the skin youthful again.

Here is a recipe which will smooth the wrinkles and makes skin softer and shiny.

Whit this recipe you look 10 years younger believe it or not!

You need:

– tree tbsp. rice

– one tbsp. milk

– one tbsp. honey


– First, you cook the rice about 2 minute tops and then strain it.

– Second, keep the water!

– Put one spoon of hot milk and one spoon honey in the rice. Mix them well.

– Clean your face before apply this mask.

– Leave it until dry and then wash the face with the rice water.

The benefit of rice water

This water is good for everybody. It makes your blood flow better. It is like an antioxidant, keeps the skin moist and less prone to wrinkles.

Consuming this water will help you to have less inflammation and more hydration.

Repeat it every week. By repeating this you`ll have better outcome.

You have nothing to lose if you try it.

And, many people proved that this recipe really works.


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