Here is How You Can Get Flat Tummy in Just 10 Days

Is it possible to have a flat tummy just in 10 days? Yes! If you use the correct deviations in the food with a different lifestyle, you can do that easily.

Here are some methods that will help you get flat tummy in just 10 days:

First day

– Don’t eat a junk food. Eat fruits, vegetables, poultry, beef, whole grains, nuts, beans, seeds, low-fat dairy products.

– Avoid carbohydrate food. Drink lot of water – 10 to 12 glasses combine with 3 to 5 beverages of apple cider vinegar.

Second day

-Eat uncooked or boiled vegetable or chicken soup. It raises your metabolism. It alleviates the blood sugar.

-Begin with walking or some slight exercises for 20 minutes.

Third day

– Oatmeal for breakfast 50 grams of carbohydrate.

– Eat vegetables, fresh fruits, proteins, and yogurt, but without oil, as other meal.

– Do breathing squat. Help to discard the tummy fat.

Fourth day

– As a breakfast, eat omelet (three eggs) combine with spinach or vegetables.

– For lunch, eat salad prepared from vegetables or chicken.

– Perform crunches. There is a good solution to reduce the fat around the gut.

Fifth day

– Take fruits and low-fat milk and one or two bananas. This meal provides the necessary carbohydrate.

– Take salad or vegetable soup. Your belly will use the entire nutrient source.

– Drink water to add sit-ups to your workout system with slim tummy barbell.

Sixth day

– Eat tomatoes, green beans, twisted eggs for breakfast.

– Eat grilled chicken breast, fish and cod fillet.

– Consume 5 portions of vegetables and fruits.

Seventh day

– Take grilled, duck breast or chicken with boiled spinach or mashed tomatoes for breakfast.

– Eat Brazil nuts, steamed broccoli or watermelon seeds as a snack.

– Do aerobic 30 minutes which help to drop fat from the belly.

Eight day

– Avoid diet with few nutrients. Eat omelet of two eggs with whole bread for breakfast.

– Drink 10 to 12 glass of water, take some fruit yogurt and soy crisps.

– Swim and be consistent in exercise rule.

Ninth day

– This is a vegetarian day. All day eat vegetables.

– Eat the greatest fibrous vegetables.

– Walk 40 minutes.

Tenth day

– Eat fruits for the breakfast. Eat low-fat carry, soups, and high fiber snacks.

– Improve variety for your training. Do a skipping rope or leg tucks workout.

– Do low carbohydrate and low sugar diet to stabilize the last results.

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