Home Remedies for Premature Graying of Hair

Many people at the age between 20 and 30 have issues with premature graying of their hair. This may often be a result of stress, sinusitis, genetic predisposition, poor nutrition, hormonal fluctuations, thyroid disorders and chronic colds.

Our hair becomes gray or white when we have reduced amounts of melanin. Melanin is the main reason why our hair has a color. This is a pigment that lowers its activity as we get older and in the aging process it even stops its production.

A lot of natural remedies can help us solve this problem. Firstly you should make sure your diet is rich in vitamins and minerals just like iodine, iron, vitamin B, and copper. These vitamins will help you prevent further development of this problem.

Here are some of the best natural treatments that will help you stop premature graying of the hair:

1. Indian Gooseberry

You may know it as Indian gooseberry, or Amla, but this helps in the case of hair issues like hair loss, premature graying or dull hair. Because of its high amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants, this fruit has potent anti-aging properties. You can consume it, or apply amla pulp or amla oil on your hair.

Take a few dried Indian gooseberries and boil them or just use amla powder in a coconut oil cool it and use it on your scalp and hair. You should leave it to act overnight and wash your hair in the morning. In order to get see the results you should repeat it twice a week. You can also mix a tablespoon of amla pulp with a tablespoon of lemon juice and massage your scalp before sleep. And again wash your hair the next morning.

Another way is to mix almond oil with Indian gooseberry juice and apply the mixture on your hair.

2. Curry Leaves

If you mix curry leaves with coconut oil it can help you stimulate the hair’s pigmentation and you can use this as a hair tonic.

Just put a tablespoon of coconut oil in a pan and add a few fresh curry leaves to boil them until they get charred. Stir the mixture when boiled and apply it on the hair. Leave the mixture on your hair to act for about 30 to 40 minutes and rinse it off.

For best results repeat this twice a week. You can also drink curry juice daily to get the same effects.

3. Henna

Henna can be used to darken the hair and strengthen the lustrous locks. You can prepare your own henna paste to use on your hair. Just mix a tablespoon of coffee powder, ground henna leaves, 3 tablespoons of Indian gooseberry powder and some plain yogurt. Just apply the paste and leave it to dry. Rinse your hair after that and do this method once or twice a month.

Another way you can do this paste is to mix some hot black coffee with henna powder to get a mixture with the consistency of yogurt and leave it to stand for a few hours covered. Apply this homemade mask on your hair and let it stay for 3 hours and in the end wash it with a shampoo.

You can even boil some henna leaves in mustard or coconut oil until they are charred and then use the mixture.

4. Lemon Juice and Coconut Oil

We all know that coconut oil is really beneficial and it has a wide range of uses. This oil can stimulate our hair growth, moisturize it and even fight infections. Coconut oil is high in antioxidants, so its longer use effectively reverses the gray hair.

The way you should use it is add three tablespoons of lemon juice in some coconut oil. Then apply the mixture on your hair while massaging the scalp. Leave it to stay for 1 hour and wash it with a shampoo. You should repeat this treatment once a week.

5. Sage and Rosemary

The combination of sage and rosemary is a great way to darken your gray hairs. Mix half a cup of dried leaves of these herbs with 2 cups of water. Boil the mixture and then leave it to stay for a few hours.

Strain the mixture and use it to rinse your hair after using the shampoo. Then leave your hair like that for about 15-20 minutes and wash it again. You should do this once a week.

6. Blackstrap Molasses

This is a simple home remedy that produces a pigment which effectively reduces gray hair.

If you consume blackstrap molasses you will provide your body with 14% of the recommended daily dosage of copper; and high amounts of iron, magnesium and selenium. This means that you should take a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses every morning for a few months.

7. Onion juice

According to experts, graying of the hair is due to accumulation of hydrogen peroxide at the bases of the hair follicles bases. This is why onion juice is helpful because it supports the production of catalase.

Try massaging your scalp with onion juice and let it stay on your head for half an hour and wash it in the end. You can repeat this on a daily basis for a few weeks.

8. Black tea

To get you dark hair, soft hair and even shine you can use black tea. Just boil 2 tablespoons of black tea and then add a teaspoon of salt and let it cool. Wash your with this tea a few times a week, and let it act for about 20 minutes.

When the time has passed, wash your hair with cold water but do not use a shampoo. You can even add some ground coffee to your conditioner to boost the effects of this tea.

9. Amaranth

Amaranth can help our hair to restore the natural color, fight the hair loss, and prevent graying. Just wash your hair and then add fresh juice extracted from the amaranth leaves and rinse with water in the end.

10. Black Sesame seeds

To genuinely efficiently treat the reason for early graying of the hair, you can use black sesame seeds because they support melanocyte activity that will boost the production of melanin.

Black sesame seeds are also high in protein, iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, and they also reduce the gray hairs. Just take 3 teaspoons of these seeds on a daily basis for 3 months and your hair will be colored and shiny again.

Tip: If you use these homemade solutions regularly you will get positive effects on your premature graying of the hair. After short time you will love the look of your hair.




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