How Long Do You Need to Work Out to See Fitness Results?

Just joined the gym? And after the first session you are asking how long until the result are visible? Well, you should keep calm and take a look at this article. We are going to give you a brief guide on how often you should work out, how to make your training more effective and even get more bang for your buck. Keep reading and be patient for those long lasting results.

Here is what you need to know:

#1 Sessions don’t need to be marathons

In order to get the perfect results in terms of muscle growth, the perfect timing for your session should be 30-45 minutes. When those 45 minutes are passed, your levels of testosterone will decline while the levels of cortisol will start to peak. This is the main reason why those marathon session you are doing are counterproductive instead of being beneficial. And remember that in many cases, more is not necessarily better.

#2 High intensity

To make the muscles grow and gain strength, the intensity of your workout is the key. Since growth requires mechanical and metabolic overload, opt for a high-intensity workout that’s in the low rep range. If you really like the intensity workouts, to ensure the maximum growth, you should let your body rest a little. And that rest should be at least 48 hours between two high-intensity workouts.

#3 Increase the challenge gradually

You need to let your muscles to get used to the movements and amount of workload in the first few months. After the muscles get comfortable with this change, you’ll have to increase the stimuli In order to keep growing. You can do this by using heavier weights, getting more sessions per week, or some new advanced exercises. The general rule is that as your endurance improves, the amount of sessions per week as well as their intensity should increase as well.

And the answer is here, if you have regular workouts, and you stick to your adjusted diet, your results will be visible after the first month.It’s pretty normal to experience a 10% increase in what you can lift each month for the first four to six months. And the most important thing is to never stop challenging your body. The more you challenge you muscles the more they’ll grow. Also, you will need at least six weeks of targeted training to see the best visible results. But as we said, stick to all the tips we gave you, and use them parallel with your everyday routine, and you will get your healthier and better version.


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