How Much Weight Can You Lose In One Day And How!

Wrong way to a slim figure is starving and quick loss of weight. We expect to lose surplus weight in a short period of time. For different occasions like business meeting, birthday, etc. we want to look slimmer

You will need to lower the intake of salt drastically in order to look slimmer in only one day. You won’t lose fat in 24 hours, but you get rid of the surplus water in the body. Flatulence and water detention are result of salt attached  to water.

Water fast

Successful drastic way to lose weight in a short period of time that people notice a significant loss of kilograms after one day of consumption water. You should drink water for the entire day. This is not recommended for persons with weak immunity or  mothers who are breastfeeding or people who perform heavy physical work.

Vegetable juice fasting

This is another powerful  way  for sensitive people, because it provides a certain amount of calories and nutritive values. You can use green vegetables and mix them with water- half juice and half water. You should stop consuming fruits since they are rich in natural sugars and will stimulate your appetite, and this will make your fasting more difficult. These two ways will enable you to speed up the loss of surplus kilograms. Drink water whenever you want to, and drink a glass of vegetable juice for breakfast, lunch and dinner in order to connect these two methods.

Sauna treatment

Sauna treatment can will enable you to dispose the surplus water from the organism. The temperature and the moisture level in the sauna the duration of the treatment depends on you. Between 10 and 15 minutes is the most pleasant sauna treatment. You can step out of the sauna to cool off and return to the sauna and repeat the cycle Beginners should remain in the sauna until they feel pleasantly.

Sauna treatments are only for healthy people. Sick people sensitive to moisture, people with tuberculosis, epilepsy, cancer, skin inflammations, flu, decompressed heart, acute inflammations, contagious diseases or any other types of diseases followed by increased body temperature.

Intensive cardio workout

Intensive aerobic exercises are helpful to get rid of the surplus water from the organism in a short period of time. Swimming, aerobic, intensive sports such as squash, tennis, other contact sports, intensive running, brisk walking, skates or bicycle riding, etc. These will help you to lose weight fast.

Combined approach

Apply all of these techniques simultaneously is the best way to lose more weight as quickly. Consume water for the entire day, especially when you are hungry, replace the meals with vegetable juices, exercise any sport  than visit a sauna.

In this way you will lose  three kilograms in one day. This trick will enable you to look better and slimmer at least that one day, this not burn the fat in your body. This way of cleansing is not recommendable for more than one day!

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