How The Alkaline Diet Can Cure Cancer ( A True Story)

Not many people can believe that alkaline diet can have some connection with cancers. But, our pH levels in our body can be really powerful, and believe it or not this connection is real.

We have all lost someone we love due to cancer, and we may even know someone who is struggling with this. It is stressful, fearful and really bad to experience this in our lives.

To prove you that this connection really works, we are going to tell you a story about how a person got his life back thanks to this diet.

So there was a man that was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of only 38. He was really young to be having this cancer, but it was really bad and he was told he wouldn’t survive it. But, just like any other miracle, with the standard treatment like chemotherapy, radiation and having part of his colon removed, this mean beat colon cancer.

This is not the end of this happy story, because a year later, his cancer appeared again. This time it was a tumor on his back that metastasized to his spice. This was weaving into his spinal column toward his brain. This has concerned the doctors really bad because there was no way to operate on it. This man was told to go home and be with his family. This was the only solution.

He was devastated, because he had a 5 year old son that he wasn’t going to accept to grow up without a father. In the meantime in his office someone suggested to see some upcoming retreat that taught how to live a life of health and wellness.

This man joined this retreat and went in West Palm Florida for the weekend. This was the best retreat, and the instructors were the best of the best in their specialty field.

When this man returned home, he was dedicated to the Gerson Therapy and an Alkaline Diet. The Gerson Therapy was based on the idea that cancer develops when there are changes in the cell metabolism because of toxic build-up. Here tissue damage and weakening of organs according to Dr. Gerson occurs because people with cancer have too much sodium and not enough potassium. Because of this the therapy was created to restore the body’s health by repairing the liver and returning the metabolism to its normal state. To do this, he created a specific organic diet with supplements and enemas to remove all the toxins. So people that follow this diet, just like this man, usually have a list of foods that are low in sodium and high in potassium where he just cross referenced with his alkaline diet.

Some people may confuse alkaline vs acidic levels in the body. Some of them think it refers to the actual pH level in the food itself. But some foods like lemon and limes are actually really high in acid levels and they have an alkaline effect on our body. This is why you should note that the alkaline diet involves eating minimal amounts of meat, dairy, white flour and white sugar because of their acidic effect on our body. So when following this diet your daily intake should be focused on fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and soy products because of their alkaline effect on the body.

pH level in most people that are diseased with cancer are usually around 4. Here cancers cells cannot grow or even exist in an alkaline environment. They cannot even grow in the presence of oxygen. Our body usually can hold much more oxygen when the body tissue has a high level of alkalinity rather than with a high acidic level. This also helps the body to easily discard waste and toxins.

This is why this man only ate foods that are rich in potassium and he usually juiced these foods. It was a miracle that after just two weeks on this diet, his body’s pH levels were raised from 4 to 7.5. Note here that our body’s ideal pH level is 7.2, and the cancer cells start to die at 7.5.  It was another miracle that after his checks-up, his back tumor shrunk by 75%. After this he never stopped the diet, and within 6 weeks all of his cancer was completely gone.

3 years have passed after this man was cleared of his cancer. And all that he did was changing his diet. Our body needs about 2-3 days to show a change in our pH levels. Remember that if you do this, you should still test your pH levels once a month and return to the strict Gerson/Alkaline diet for a week at a time to cleanse your body.

We should all help each other just like the coworkers helped this man. We should always be informed about new ways of treating and keeping our body healthy. Always do your research and find the solution you are looking for. You should never give up. Just keep your head up and try everything to stay healthy.


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