How To Get A V Cut In Your Lower Abdominal Muscles

If you are dreaming to get the famous V cut abs, then you are at the right place. There is no need to struggle with unnecessary exercises anymore. We give you the best abs workout and a smart timesaving meal plan that can make your dream come true.

Exercises For V Cut In Your Lower Abs

A lot of people have lower back pain and are trying anything to reduce it. These exercises are not going to give you just the V cut abs, but will also help you reduce the lower back pain. By following this workout routine you will strengthen your abs and get the best V cut.

  1. Lying Leg Raises (4 sets x 15 reps)

The most important thing about this exercise is that the movements need to be very slow and smooth. And if you want to get the best from this exercise you should use weight between your feet.vcut1

  1. Hanging Leg Raises (4 sets x 15 reps)

In order to feel your abs getting tighter and tighter, the movements should be really slow. Just like the previous exercise, you can add some weight between your feet and make it harder for best results.vcut2

  1. Reverse Crunches (4 sets x 15 reps)

Use a dumbbell between your feet in order to make your crunches more difficult.vcut3

  1. Ab V Hold (4 sets x 1 minute hold)

Make your abs burn, feel the pain that will get you the V cut abs. Lift yourself in a position forming a V with your body and hold it for at least 30 seconds to 2 minutes.vcut4

Routine For A Balanced Core

Your core routine is the key to your V cut abs. In addition to get the lower abs strength you need to concentrate on your core routine. Your workouts should include a lot of exercises that target your core muscles. Here are a few selected exercises that might help you:

  • Side crunches are the perfect workout to target your central ab muscles and your oblique.
  • Hip bridges help you strengthen your lower back.
  • Lunges can strengthen your thighs, glutes, hips and back.
  • Yoga poses are always helpful to improve your core strength and increase flexibility and balance. 

Tips To Reduce The Body Fat

  1. Healthy Diet

Healthy diet is your lifesaver here. If your exercises are not followed by a good healthy diet then you’ve done nothing. You can’t show your V cut abs if they are covered in fat. You just need to find the best diet that suits your body and get rid of thatextra belly fat.  And if you can’t follow some strict diet, or don’t have the time, just keep in mind that some of these rules will help you too:

  • Keep away from foods that are high in fat and sugar.
  • Start consuming a lot of lean protein.
  • Get all the nutrients your body needs by eating a lot of fresh fruits and veggies.
  • Make sure that carbohydrates are still part of your diet, but in a much smaller quantity.

The most important thing that everyone should know while dieting is never to starve yourself. Many people make this mistake and can’t get their results because of it. Your body needs the energy, and food provides you with everything your body needs. So if you starve yourself you’ll end up tired and irritated. And keep in mind that you need your energy to do the exercises for your dream V ab cut.

  1. Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises are great for everyone, and the best part is that it doesn’t require special equipment or financial investment. Get outside and you’ll see a lot of people walking, jogging, running, cycling and enjoying their everyday cardio routine. But the best and most effective cardio is running. The best way to boost your metabolism is to balance short distance sprints with jogging and/or walking.

  1. Lots Of Water

The average amount of water you need to drink every day is at least 2 liters. You should stick to that in order to keep your body hydrated and healthy.

  1. Take on Resistance Training

Resistance training like weightlifting or body weight workouts are the best way to reduce your muscle loss when you are in a process of losing weight. The most important thing here is that you should start slowly, don’t ever go straight to high-weight exercises. Just take the time your body needs to prepare for the challenge with a lot of weight.

  1. Increase Your Everyday Activity

You should never exclude your everyday activity, and you should never thing that your dieting and working out is enough for your body. Activity during the day is a must. You can always trade your car for walking, or biking to work. Make sure that you don’t spend your day sitting in a chair and take every opportunity to get up, move your feet and stretch.At the end of the day you have done nothing if you just sit in front of the TV. Make your night count, do some simple exercises on the floor or go for a night walk, you won’t regret it.

  1. Be Patient

It’s OK, dreams don’t come true overnight. You need to be determined and patient in order to achieve this. Always challenge yourself with more advanced workouts as a reward for your progress. 


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