How To Reset Your Body’s Hormone Levels To Lose Stubborn Pounds

Hormones are responsible for every single thing that happens in our body. They are a huge part of our weight, our height, the type of hair we have, the size of our chest, skin type and every other inch of the body.

Even though they are very tiny, they actually have a huge impact on our health and well-being. It takes just one hormone to be tweaked in the wrong direction, and every part of your body to feel irritable, tired, or just feeling like you’ve put on weight.

Every person that has experienced e tweak like this has tried a lot of different medical resolution but none of them worked. We are going to present you few simple suggestions that will help you reset your hormones and put your body and mind back on the right path.

Just follow this rules and everything will feel right again:

1. Sleep in cool temperatures

Not every person in the world knows that when we are sleeping our body temperature naturally rises. When you feel hot during sleep, it is more common to turn, wake up and throw the covers off of yourself. But the main thing is that when your sleep is not rights, so are your hormones. This loss of sleep, and disturbance during sleep, causes your body to produce less leptin. And leptin is the hormone that is responsible for your appetite and weight gain. So think again before you lay down in a warm room, or put too many covers on you. If you start sleeping in cooler rooms you will help your body to feel cooler, feel better, sleep still, and that leads to a restful sleep and a lot of leptin production.

2. Don’t crash diet

If you are on a strict diet, avoid crashing it. We all know it’s tempting to crash your diet, but at the same time it’s really bad for your health. Your thyroid hormone levels can drop really low because of a sudden reduction in your calorie intake. And this slows your metabolism. Losing weight can be also achieved by eating a well-balanced diet all the time.

3. Skip the caffeine

Attention coffee lovers! It is time to stop your coffee addiction. Caffeine can increase the production of cortisol in your body. It is the hormone that produces stress. This means that the more coffee you drink, the more stressed you will be.

4. Avoid those PMS cravings

We are all familiar with the PMS cravings. It’s totally normal to have these cravings, but it’s a challenge to control them. Start making changes and avoid these cravings. Try something healthier, like switching sweets for a sweet fruit. All you can get from a sweet fruit is magnesium and a craving satisfaction.

5. Pump up the workout

The only way to boost your metabolism and the production of endorphin is by increasing your workout. This hormone is the one responsible for your mood and immune system. It will make you feel good and healthier at the same time. If you have a lack of motivation, try listening to music that will push you harder and will increase your serotonin levels at the same time.

If you start following these simple steps, not only will you reset your hormones but you will change the way your body reacts to some situations. You will become healthier and all the processes like, sleeping, eating, handling stress and much more will be better.


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