Hydrate the Brain and Stop the Headaches and Migraines Fast With this Green Juice Recipe

Common headaches and migraines are pretty frustrating condition. People who suffer from this kind of conditions keep looking for a solution, but not many people have tried some natural alternative to their medications. Most of the time when the body is under stress, dehydrated, or lacking certain nutrients, we may experience headaches and migraine. However, many other factors can cause headaches such as environmental toxins, emotional tension, poor diet, or bad posture.

The three most important minerals that are helpful to relieve migraines are magnesium, potassium and calcium, but most people go to the pharmacy and use Tylenol (Acetaminophen) to relieve a headache or a migraine. But there is a much safer solution that relieve migraines and target the primary cause.

This green juice is rich in magnesium, potassium, and calcium, that will help you to relieve a migraine and headache fast.  It will help you to relieve your headache faster because the ingredients are in liquid form, and that make nutrients easier to reach your bloodstream. If you consume these nutrients in liquid form, you will feel some improvements in few minutes.

Try this natural green juice and you won’t have problems with a headache and migraines again.


– Three-four celery stalks

– A bunch of spinach

– Two cups green grapes

– One apple

– One cucumber (medium size)

– A half lemon

– Two inches ginger root.


Juice all the ingredients in a juicing machine. Drink the juice immediately so you can get the maximum results of its benefits.

If you want the maximum benefits, over time you should also avoid some foods that can contribute the appearance of migraines and headache. Some of the foods that contribute to dehydration and depletion of minerals in the body are foods rich in trans-fats, refined sugars, flour products, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, food additives, chocolate, etc.



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