If You Struggle With Belly Fat, Drink These 4 Teas Instantly

It is almost impossible to have spare time for ourselves. But creating a healthy habit is not impossible, actually it is quite simple. About two billion people consume tea on a daily basis. Drinking a cup of tea could be a new healthy habit.

If you want to know how to solve weight loss, brain fog and anxiety these issues, the teas presented in this article along with healthy diet and exercise will help you lose weight.

Improving Mood and Fight Anxiety


One of the most sacred plants in India, is called holy basil. It can lift the mighty triad of spirit, mind, and body. Tulsi boosts your cognition and your immune system. It is the natural response of the body to emotional and physical stress.

Green Tea

Green tea improves focus and mood. It has a potent combination of caffeine and L-theanine. With them, it provides and slows down release of caffeine.

Ginkgo Biloba

Mainly is used in Europe as a treatment for dementia to boost memory. It protects damaged nerve cells in case of Alzheimer’s disease. It has a positive effect on thinking and memory in people with vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Gotu Kola

It has neuro-protective effects. It helps against epilepsy, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. This herb contains triterpenoids which increase the mental function and reduce anxiety.


Chamomile has relaxing effects. It can be used to promote the sense of well-being and calmness, and eases frayed nerves and to induce sleep.Suggestion- you can use each tea separately, but it is much better to combine them.

Boost Metabolism and Burn Fat with the following teas:

Puerh Tea

This amazing tea has been used in Chinese. It has amazing health benefits. The natural fermentation process occurs to the leaves before they dry, makes this tea so unique. During the fermentation process, are produced certain micro-organisms. Combining with other compounds this tea is especially effective for fat burning and lowering cholesterol.


If you use cinnamon over your morning oatmeal you can stop cravings and regulate your blood sugar levels.

Fennel Seed

Fennel Seed improves digestion, prevent cravings and regulate blood sugar levels.

Ginseng Root

This herb is adaptogenic with anti-obesity properties.  It improves insulin sensitivity and regulates the blood sugar levels.

Eliminate Fatigue and Brain Fog

Yerba Mate 

This tea provides wakefulness which is similar to coffee, sans any side effects. There are three related compounds – theophylline, theobromine, and caffeine. These compounds in combination provide mild stimulant effects.

Peppermint  menthol which is found in peppermint improves your mood and energizes your senses.

Green Tea – contains caffeine, less than coffee. It provides energy, which is steadier without a crash.

Water – is not an herb but affects the ability to think clear, the energy levels and the person’s mood.

Suggestions: combining peppermint, green tea, and herb leaf improve your focus and concentration.

Select the Best Tea Blends like This

– Always buy organic ingredients

– Buy brands with loose-packed and loose-leaf whole leaf tea.  These are made with ingredients with quality.

– Stay away from transparent tea bags or those with windows, because of oxidation.

Where to Find Herbs and Blend?

An excellent place is a local retailer or the local health store or herbal specialty shops.


Ginkgo interacts with non-prescription and prescription medication. If you take any of the following medication, consult your doctor.

If you have hypoglycemia or diabetes and take drugs, supplements or herbs which affect the blood sugar should be cautious.

If you have liver disease or take certain medications with an effect on the liver, don’t take Gotu kola.



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