Lose 15 kg In 15 Days With This Diet!

We can find millions of different diets that say that you will lose weight in just 1 week. We’ve all tried them and none of them really worked. But, this diet that we are going to present you is really effective and it’s not even close to the old diets.

If you know someone that has tried this diet they can tell you it is one of the healthiest diets and not only you will lose weight quickly, but your immune system will not be weakened at all. Remember that any diet is nothing without the proper workout.

So start following the instructions of the diet and workout right and regularly and you will lose 15 kg in just 2 weeks. Another great thing is that the results will amaze you, and if you have more weight you will lose more weight and the diet will work better for you.

The last but not least great thing about the diet is that the lost kilograms won’t be regained very fast. This is healthy and balanced diet, and this means that you should continue eating healthy even when you finish the diet. Eat moderate, drink plenty of water and your results will be visible after 5 days.

The diet plan


Lunch: one boiled egg, one orange, one sour milk (or yogurt)

Dinner: 2 dl tomato puree, ½ kg green salad or cucumber, two pieces rusk


Lunch: one orange, one boiled egg, one sour milk, two pieces of rusk

Dinner: 125gr minced beef, one tomato (or 1dl tomato puree) one piece of rusk, one cup of tea or coffee


Lunch: one orange, one boiled egg, one sour milk, one small green salad

Dinner: 125gr minced meat, one orange, one piece of rusk, one cup of coffee or tea


Lunch: 125gr of fresh low fat cow cheese, (you can use mozzarella), one tomato, one piece of rusk

Dinner: 125gr minced meat, two tomatoes or 2 dl of tomato puree, one apple, one piece of rusk


Lunch: 200gr. Cooked meat or fish, one tomato, one piece of rusk

Dinner: 500gr. Cooked vegetables (carrot, green beans, potato…) one boiled egg, one tomato

Breakfast is the same every day:

You need to have same breakfast every day for 2 weeks. Get one orange (or you can use pear, peach, watermelon, but never banana), two pieces rusk, and a cup of coffee or tea without sugar.

During the weekend eat normal

Maintaining the wanted weight:

You finish the diet when you get to the weight you want. But, this is not the end, you should try to maintain the ideal weight by eating every Monday according to this menu:

Breakfast: drink 1 glass of lemonade without sugar

Lunch: boil 1 egg, dice 1 tomato, and you can eat plus 1 apple

Dinner: eat 1 piece of rusk with 1 tomato, and you can eat plus 1 boiled egg

Directions and rules:

  • You can season your meet and cooked vegetables with herbs
  • Alcohol should be avoided at any cost
  • It doesn’t matter if you eat the foods warm or cold, you just need to eat them according to the diet menu
  • You will lose about 2,5 – 5 kg in 5 days
  • You should take a pause of 2 days after these 5 days have passed and eat in normal amounts. After the pause repeat the diet 3 times in a row to get 15 days of this diet.




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