Low Carb Shopping at ALDI, Grocery List + Prices

Here in America the economy is bad for many of us and the job market is stagnant, the Middle Class are now the working poor or left jobless. We are all pretty much the same here, and stretching dollars is necessity so we can afford to pay our bills and eat.

Some of us are fortunate to have a job, though things are always tight money-wise. One of the best ways to save money is shopping at Aldi. These stores describe themselves as “discount grocery chain that operates over 1000 stores in more than 30 states”, even though they are based in Germany and also have stores in the UK, France, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, Australia, Austria and many other countries. This company also owns Trader Joe`s.

Aldi could be our go-to store not just because the values we can find there, but because they carry some much better products than what can we find at our local grocery stores.

Below are some great low carb options that you can find at Aldi. Below the pictures are the prices of the items and the total net carbs per serving.aldi1

Fresh Vegetables

Cucumber – $1.25, 1 Net Carbs per ½ cup

Mushrooms – $1.29, 1.4 Net Carbs per ½ cup

Green Onions – $0.89, 2.4 Net Carbs per ½ cup

Brussels Sprouts – $2.99, 4.7 Net Carbs per ½ cup

Organic Spring Mix – $1.69, 0.4 Net Carbs per 1 cup

Squash – $2.69, 2.6 Net Carbs per 1 cup

Zucchini – $2.49, 1.5 Net Carbs per 1 cupaldi2


Cheese Tray – $4.99, This tray has 4 types of cheese (Havarti, Sharp White Cheddar, Gouda and Chipotle Jack) that are all 0 carbs!

Flavored Tuna Pouches – $0.89, Zesty Lemon Peer and Original Flavors both have <1Net Carb, Sweet and Spicy Flavor has 3 Net Carbs.

Chicken Breast – $2.79 per pound, 0 Net Carbs

Bacon – $3.89, 0 Net Carbs

Ham Steak – $2.89 per pound, 3 Net Carbs for 4 oz.

Chicken Thighs – $1.19 per pound, 0 Net Carbsaldi3

Frozen Vegetables

Vegetable Medley – $2.99, 5 Net Carbs in 4 oz

Fire Roasted Vegetables – $2.99, 6 Net Carbs in 4 oz

Frozen Chopped Kale – $1.39, 1 Net Carb per 2/3 cup

Frozen Chopped Spinach – $1.39, 2 Net Carbs per 1 cup

Frozen Broccoli Florets – $1.09, 2 Net Carbs per 3 ozaldi4

Frozen Meats

Smoked Bacon Chicken Bites – $4.49, 4 Net Carbs per 5 oz

Smoked Bacon Filet Mignon Bites – $4.49, 4 Net Carbs per 5 oz

Roasted Pepper and Lime Seasoned Chicken Breast – $7.49, 2 Net Carbs per 4 oz

Seared Ahi Tuna – $6.99, 1 Net Carb per 6 oz

Sweet BBQ Chicken Kabobs – $4.99, 5 Net Carbs per 4 oz skeweraldi5

Canned Goods/Miscellaneous

Mixed Nuts – $2.79, 4 Net Carbs per ¼ cup

Asparagus Spears – $2.19, 2 Net Carbs per 3.5 oz

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – $3.49, 0 Net Carbs

Sauerkraut – $0.65, <1 Net Carb per 2 tablespoons

We hope that this article will help you in picking your favorite low carb grocery items.

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