New Sexy Body By Completing This 28-Days, 1 Exercise Challenge

This is the magical 28-day challenge that will give you amazing and unbelievable results. One exercise and nothing more. We’ve already found thousands of people that are following this workout routine and have never felt better. It is quick and effective exercise that will tone your whole body.

The miracle exercise is plank. You already know it and maybe you’ve done it. Challenge yourself with this 28-days workout routine and let your body transform. You can get your body looking sexy by just doing plank.

All you will need is 1 exercise, 4 minutes, and 28 days. This will give you no place to complain that you don’t have time to exercise or go to the gym.

We will explain you how this exercise can affect your whole body and what the catch is. By staying the plank position, all of your muscles are activated and you core is strengthening too. Some people don’t like this exercise and skip it because it looks too easy to do.

You will even melt more fat deposits than while doing sit-ups. Another thing that occurs is strengthening the internal and external muscles on the back and core. And last but not least, you butt; arms and legs will feel strengthening pressure. You will feel perfect after doing this exercise and you will never regret for starting this routine.

This workout plan is made for 4 weeks and every day you need to increase the time gradually. You will start from the smallest number of seconds and get to the 4-minute plank or if you like as long as you can hold it on. Remember that doing pauses in the plank position is not recommended.

When you finish this challenge, you will feel like your body is ready for some bigger challenges. Your core will be ready to survive all types of muscle mass exercises. In order to get the effects from this exercise you need to do it correctly. You can see the descriptions in the picture how your body should be positioned to practice the correct plank position.

With a lot of practicing you will achieve your perfect plank exercise.

Don’t move! Hold the position to get your perfect body!

  • Day #1 – 20 seconds
  • Day #2 – 20 seconds
  • Day #3 – 30 seconds
  • Day #4 – 30 seconds
  • Day #5 – 40 seconds
  • Day #6 – rest day
  • Day #7 – 45 seconds
  • Day #8 – 45 seconds
  • Day #9 – 60 seconds
  • Day #10 – 60 seconds
  • Day #11 – 60 seconds
  • Day #12 – 90 seconds
  • Day #13 – rest day
  • Day #14 – 90 seconds
  • Day #15 – 90 seconds
  • Day #16 – 120 seconds
  • Day #17 – 120 seconds
  • Day #18 – 150 seconds
  • Day #19 – rest day
  • Day #20 – 150 seconds
  • Day #21 – 150 seconds
  • Day #22 – 180 seconds
  • Day #23 – 180 seconds
  • Day #24 – 210 seconds
  • Day #25 – rest day
  • Day #26 – 210 seconds
  • Day #27 – 240 seconds
  • Day #28 – longest you can hold

It seems easy and because of this take the challenge and transform your body like never before.


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