Relieve Constipation and Detox Your Body With This Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey Drink!

It`s summertime, many of us just got back from vacation lately feeling a little weighed down or haven`t been making the healthiest food choices, there is an effective natural remedy that will solve the problems. This effective remedy contains only two ingredients which can restore the digestive system after a weekend or a few days of overindulging and flush the toxins from the body.

Apple Cider Vinegar

For those who prefer to use natural remedies, raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar is the right choice due to its long list of uses. You must make sure to buy the organic, raw unfiltered kind. Apple cider vinegar contains a “friendly” bacteria that breaks down the food in the gut. This bacteria is known as acetobacter.

The antibiotic properties of apple cider vinegar can help improve the acid content in the stomach, reducing heartburn and acid reflux. Apple cider vinegar contains several antioxidants including gallic acid, catechin, caffeic and chlorogenic acids which work perfectly well to keep the body healthy. Also, the body`s absorption of important minerals from the food we consume can be increased with the help of the acetic acid in apple cider vinegar


Raw, organic, unprocessed honey contains a phenolic compound known as eugenol which provides many health benefits. Eugenol has been shown to have a powerful anti-tumor properties. It actually eliminates the cancer cells in the body and represents excellent ingredient for a colon cleanse. Unfiltered honey also provides the body with probiotics, which help to restore healthy bacteria to the digestive system.

Symptoms You May Need a Cleanse

Several health issues can be caused by toxicity from blocked colon. A mixture of these issues could mean that you actually need cleansing:

Acne can be usually caused due to clogged colon.

Odor, gas and bad breath can also occur when the colon releases toxic gas into your organism.

Fatigue can be often caused due to toxic residue in the colon.

Aches such as sciatic pain, backaches and headaches can be usual of an impacted colon.

Constipation – toxic substances from the colon, chemicals and stress can cause constipation.

100 %Natural and Effective Colon Cleanse


– 2 tbsp of raw organic honey

– 2 tbsp of raw organic ACV

– 8 oz of warm water


In order to mix the unfiltered part up that actually settles at the bottom of the bottle, shake the ACV.

Make mixture between 8 oz of warm water and 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar

The next thing you should do is to put 2 tbsp of the honey into the combination

Until the honey dissolves, stir the mixture

Consume this powerful mixture every morning or any time during the day

Source: Home Remedies

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