Remove The Pain In The Back And Neck Forever

We don’t need to make any studies on that how many people have back and neck pain. If you turn around yourself you will see a lot of faces that you know that have this kind of problem. Some of them need to lie down all the time in order to lower the pain, others have sleeping problems because of this pain, and so on…It might be due to degenerated vertebrae, hernia disc, stenosis of the spine and strained muscle too. Also, many other injuries are factors too.

Back Pain

Sometimes, diagnosing this problem can be really difficult. In 85% of the cases, the pain has not been pinpointed for the reason and cause and even modern medicine cannot focus on this in details. It is the same with the magnetic resonance, in many cases it cannot give a diagnosis.

This back pain can sometimes last for a month maximum, or even longer than a month. It is really annoying kind of pain that is not related to any cures and treatments. You should know that when this pain is chronic and last more than a month, it needs more test and remedies. Everyone has felt pain or stiffness in the back and neck. The head feels heavier and neck weaker, and all the muscles are cramped.

Bad posture, heavy loads to carry or folded back are worsening all of this. Also with age or too much physical strains arthritis is starting too. Reading in bed or light workouts and insomnia also become an obstacle.

Healthy Back Tips

It is important to do workouts all the time that are specialized for the back, and also if you are sitting for a long time, you need to stand up and more around a bit. Another thing that you should change in your life is the mattress you sleep on. If it’s older than 5 years immediately change it because it is overused and deformed mattress.

While sleeping the only position you should avoid is sleeping on the belly. It is bad because this will make your back hurt you even more. Consider starting to walk or run, hike or relax while stretching, for at least half an hour a day.

Carrying heavy loads and items is a thing you must now completely eliminate from your daily routine. Stop lifting or tilting all the time, because heavy bags can damage the spine and joints and even lead to injuries. Also similar things occur for those with small kids. When you take the kid in your arms, crouch and lift slowly with the thigh muscles, not the back. Keep in mind that you need to bend your knees no matter the activity. Always to this when carrying a baby, bags or even brushing your teeth.

Back Pain is Transferred to The Neck and This is Dangerous

The shoulders are special and delicate for the joints and they lead many movements. Since they are so flexible and large, they are prone to more damage. The soreness in the shoulders can be due to:

  • Stretching
  • Stiff shoulder
  • Unstable joints
  • Fracture of the bone on the hand
  • Dislocation injury

What is The Cause of Spreading Pain to The Neck?

As we said before the length of the pain can vary from less than 12 weeks to more than 12 weeks. A lot of different reasons can be responsible for how long the pain is bothering you:

  • Damaged and stretched neck structures
  • Other risks for this are cramps and over-stretching, also bad posture for walking or sitting, a lot of stress, less physical activities, sitting all day at work, bad sleeping position and many more.

Reduce This Pain at Your Own Home

This one is a short term help. You should not rely on this one because the pain will be not gone completely. Apply cold and hot compress on the aching areas every 2-3 hours.

Another solution is the workout. Being active and doing workouts can sometimes reduce the pain. Every day workout moves the neck muscles and in that case you will avoid stiff neck. Some of the workout you do that are specialized for the neck can really help for the chronic pain removal.

Massages will become you best friend. They are good for relaxation of the muscles, but if it’s too expensive to go to a massage studio, you should consider doing self-massage.

There are a lot of things that you can do to make your pain go away, and star enjoying every day as before. Try changing the sleeping positions or the pillow. Start using feather pillows since they are softer and better for the neck and head. Also, try memory foam pillow that adapts to your head and neck. After some time every pillow MUST be changed. Ditch the ones with hard surface or big height since they get fixed and make the neck stiffer. If you like on the side sleeping, prevent curving of the spine by using a good pillow, higher than the head area. A travel pillow needs to be on your list when you take long trips. If you start making changes the pain will be gone. Another thing that can cause this I stress. So try to relax, do yoga, meditation and similar activities.


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